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1 Good-bye school of apathy, complacence
Northern Iowan 94:55, p.8
5/1/1998 Columnist comments on apathy in students at UNI.
2 Clinton drops the ball on HIV prevention
Northern Iowan 94:53, p.5
4/24/1998 Columnist comments on funding needle exchange programs.
3 The homophobic Boy Scouts of America
Northern Iowan 94:51, p.5
4/17/1998 Columnist comments on the Boy Scouts excluding homosexuals from their organization.
4 Say goodbye to Paula Jones
Northern Iowan 94:49, p.5
4/10/1998 Columnist comments on the end of the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit against President Clinton.
5 Jonesboro shooters not 'adults'
Northern Iowan 94:47, p.6
4/3/1998 Columnist comments on the Jonesboro, Arkansas, school shootings and trying the shooters as adults.
6 Clinton's motives in Africa not great for Africans
Northern Iowan 94:45, p.6
3/27/1998 Columnist comments on President Clinton's recent trip to Africa.
7 International studies don't paint true picture
Northern Iowan 94:44, p.5
3/13/1998 Columnist comments on American students scoring low on international standardized tests.
8 Irrational drinking, driving laws miss point
Northern Iowan 94:42, p.5
3/6/1998 Columnist comments on President Clinton's support of lowering the blood alcohol content limit to .08 nationally.
9 United Nations-1, Clinton and Congress-0
Northern Iowan 94:40, p.5
2/27/1998 Columnist comments on the United Nations agreement with Iraq's Saddam Hussein.
10 Clinton should stop denying, start bragging
Northern Iowan 94:38, p.6
2/20/1998 Columnist comments on President Clinton's alleged affair with Monica Lewinsky.
11 Arguments against invading Iraq
Northern Iowan 94:36, p.5
2/13/1998 Columnist gives ten reasons not to invade Iraq.
12 Karla Faye Tucker and the religious right
Northern Iowan 94:34, p.4
2/6/1998 Columnist comments on capital punishment and the death of Karla Faye Tucker in Texas.
13 President Gore sounds good right now
Northern Iowan 94:32, p.5
1/30/1998 Columnist comments on the White House sex scandal and the possibility of Al Gore becoming president.
14 Presidents shouldn't be judged on sexual form
Northern Iowan 94:30, p.7
1/23/1998 Columnist comments on the President Clinton sex scandal.
15 Time to rethink embargo against Cuba
Northern Iowan 94:29, p.6
1/16/1998 Columnist discusses the current U. S. embargo against Cuba.
16 Globalization without the United States
Northern Iowan 94:28, p.6
12/12/1997 Believes isolationism is growing in United States.
17 The "miracle" of the McCaughey litter
Northern Iowan 94:26, p.7
12/5/1997 Believes that birth of septuplets was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.
18 Gambling still destroys lives
Northern Iowan 94:24, p.6
11/21/1997 Believes that gambling still is harmful, despite recent attempts to alter image.
19 Death penalty is domestic human rights abuse
Northern Iowan 94:22, p.6
11/14/1997 Believes capital punishment is wrong.
20 Surrender to Saddam: end sanctions against Iraq
Northern Iowan 94:20, p.5
11/7/1997 Believes sanctions against Iraq have not worked; time to try other means.
21 Racist homophobe; Helms dominates Congress
Northern Iowan 94:18, p.5
10/31/1997 Critical of US Senator Jesse Helms.
22 Computer geek Bill Gates does business at our expense
Northern Iowan 94:16, p.7
10/24/1997 Believes Microsoft is unfair competitor.
23 Global Climate Treaty may be our last hope
Northern Iowan 94:14, p.9
10/17/1997 Believes treaty necessary to preserve earth.
24 Campaign finance reform dead on arrival--again
Northern Iowan 94:12, p.7
10/10/1997 Believes political campaign finance reform has little chance of succeeding.
25 Fast-track trade agreement good for Iowa, nation
Northern Iowan 94:10, p.6
10/3/1997 Believes that agreement would benefit Iowa.
26 IRS has stranglehold on society
Northern Iowan 94:8, p.7
9/26/1997 Believes Internal Revenue Service has too much power.
27 Land mine ban quashed by Clinton, reasons unacceptable
Northern Iowan 94:6, p.7
9/19/1997 Critical problem of land mines around the world.
28 Diana death shrouds impact of Mother Teresa; putting world's losses in perspective
Northern Iowan 94:4, p.6
9/12/1997 Believes Mother Teresa had much greater impact on humanity than did Diana, Princess of Wales.
29 Pay attention or apathy will paralyze you
Northern Iowan 94:3, p.6
9/9/1997 Wants people to be aware of world and political events.
30 Washington, Pres. Clinton ignore genocide to make quick buck
Northern Iowan 93:54, p.6
4/29/1997 Comments on Most Favored Nation status of China despite its relationship with Tibet.
31 There's nothing Newt won't do to avoid paying fines
Northern Iowan 93:52, p.5
4/22/1997 Comments on Newt Gingrich receiving a loan from Bob Dole to pay off a House fine.
32 Television programs like "Ellen" open our eyes to reality
Northern Iowan 93:50, p.4
4/15/1997 Comments on television programs threatening family values.
33 Money makes this government go 'round
Northern Iowan 93:48, p.5
4/8/1997 Comments on campaign finance reform.
34 Go right ahead; blame it all on cigarettes
Northern Iowan 93:46, p.6
4/1/1997 Comments on anti-tobacco legislation.
35 Washington punched a hole in society's safety net
Northern Iowan 93:43, p.6
3/11/1997 Comments on cutting welfare benefits.
36 Very special invitation sent from President Bill Clinton
Northern Iowan 93:41, p.7
3/4/1997 Comments on President Clinton allegedly sexually harassing Paula Jones.
37 President Clinton: just another high-priced hooker
Northern Iowan 93:39, p.5
2/25/1997 Comments on President Clinton's foreign policy decisions.
38 Unions are weakening while upper class is strengthening
Northern Iowan 93:37, p.5
2/18/1997 Columnist comments on unions.
39 O. J. diversion--making Americans well-informed idiots
Northern Iowan 93:35, p.6
2/11/1997 U.S. has focused too much on O. J. Simpson.
40 Balanced Budget Amendment: wolf in sheep's clothing
Northern Iowan 93:33, p.6
2/4/1997 Columnist comments on the Balanced Budget Amendment.
41 Forget cooperation - Newt has more important things on his mind
Northern Iowan 93:31, p.5
1/28/1997 Columnist comments on Newt Gingrich's lack of ethics in the House.
42 Albright: most powerful woman in the free world
Northern Iowan 93:27, p.8
12/10/1996 Madeleine Albright was nominated for U. S. Secretary of State.
43 Your elected leaders are killers
Northern Iowan 93:25, p.5
11/26/1996 Columnist comments on the death penalty.
44 New wonder drug: Marijuana
Northern Iowan 93:23, p.7
11/19/1996 Columnist comments on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
45 Society pays high price for advanced technology in last week's election
Northern Iowan 93:21, p.7
11/12/1996 The polls and the media decide the winners in elections long before voting takes place.
46 Vote Green: overgrow the government; "Vote for hope, not fear. . .'
Northern Iowan 93:19, p.6
11/5/1996 Columnist comments on the presidential election.
47 It's time to rethink society's stance on mandatory minimums
Northern Iowan 93:17, p.7
10/29/1996 Columnist discusses why mandatory minimum sentences for crimes are not working.
48 Environmental issues seem hollow promises by presidential candidates
Northern Iowan 93:15, p.10
10/22/1996 Presidential candidates are using environmental issues to gain support before the election.
49 Big business is knocking at our doors
Northern Iowan 93:13, p.7
10/15/1996 Columnist comments on the power of big businesses.
50 In Washington, money talks
Northern Iowan 93:11, p.11
10/8/1996 Columnist comments on campaign finance and who controls our political system.


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