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Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)

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1 The news is making me sick
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:54, p.4
5/1/2009 24 hour news cycle has the potential to turn people away from the news. The attention placed on seemingly unimportant matters makes people lose interest.
2 Nice guys should finish first
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:53, p.6
4/28/2009 "Nice guys" are often misunderstood and labeled as pushovers. These are the fellows who are there to pick you up emotionally and really care about your thoughts and feelings.
3 Customer service
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:50, p.4
4/17/2009 The first seven seconds of interaction at a place of business sets the tone for either repeat visits or checking the store off the list of places to shop. Good customer service; simply makes sense for any place of business.
4 Twitter: the other Facebook
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:46, p.3
4/3/2009 Technology continues to advance. Twitter works in a manner similar to Facebook, except it has a one hundred forty character limit. It has been called a micro-blog; photo.
5 Small-scale equals big problems
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:43, p.3
3/13/2009 World hunger and the lack of food will not be solved by returning to smaller farming operations. Appreciate the food on your plate, don't stress about how your food was made, but rather think of the people who don't have enough to eat.
6 Tour de fan
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:41, p.3
3/6/2009 As spring approaches, cycling can become a reality. Tour de France summarized; famous cyclists remembered.
7 Thanking the Academy
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:39, p.5
2/27/2009 Review of the Academy Awards; photo.
8 Drinking is a personal choice
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:37, p.6
2/20/2009 Drinkers and non-drinkers need to respect the decisions of others when it comes to alcohol consumption.
9 Role models take responsibility
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:35, p.5
2/13/2009 Sports figures, politicians, and recording stars have all been caught doing illegal acts; believes we should be reminded that we are being watched by someone, children or other adults. We all are role models who must conduct ourselves properly.
10 Different doesn't mean worse
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:33, p.7
2/6/2009 Change happens all the time. Advantages seen for Microsoft's Vista program.
11 Common objections to nuclear fission are unnecessary concerns
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:31, p.4
1/30/2009 Believes nuclear power is safe, clean, and efficient. Waste disposal is not a problematic since exposure is similar to that of an x ray. Using mountains as containers provides a dry and safe place for the waste.
12 Preparing for the future
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:29, p.5
1/23/2009 College life can be challenging. Lack of sleep, insufficient time to study, and skipping meals all contribute to stress for the college student.
13 Truly thankful for simple things
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:25, p.5
12/5/2008 Family accident leads to feelings of gratitude to everyone involved.
14 Embarassed by the athletes
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:23, p.7
11/18/2008 Notes that twenty-two athletes have been suspended from play this year, mostly for alcohol and drug allegations; wants athletes to appreciate and understand that they are seen as representatives of the university.
15 Add to your resume the right way
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:22, p.3
11/14/2008 With the changes in the economy, students must remember to add extracurricular programs to their resume. It is important to do something in which you believe and enjoy, and, ideally, it should be related to your major.
16 Video games vs. sports; why is only one OK?
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:21, p.8
11/11/2008 Believes that playing video games to excess can hurt relationships; does not understand why this should happen, when other activities, such as football, do not seem to be relationship breakers.
17 Students should use the Internet to make life easier
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:18, p.6
10/31/2008 Google products recommended for helping students organize their time and keep track of assignments.
18 "Guyland" and the game of Monopoly
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:16, p.5
10/25/2008 Men students urged to realize that education is the best investment of one's life; urges met to get back into the classroom and take advantage of the opportunity.
19 Why the Mac is not for me
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:14, p.6
10/17/2008 The software and hardware used by Macs are not a problem, but the constant pressure from Mac users to switch is overwhelming; photo.
20 Don't just take their advice
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:11, p.8
10/7/2008 Celebrities visiting college campuses supporting political candidates should be taken at face value. Don't vote for a candidate without doing the research to see what that person stands for.
21 The stigma of being a Boy Scout
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:9, p.9
9/30/2008 Brief history of scouting and a plea not to judge a Boy Scout by his shirt.
22 Free Internet concerns us all
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:7, p.6
9/23/2008 With ever increasing numbers of people relying on the Internet, it is imperative that it remain true to one guiding principle; net neutrality. Net neutrality holds that everything on the Internet should be freely and quickly accessible.
23 A single question
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:4, p.6
9/12/2008 Writer expresses is tired of all of the extraneous issues that seem to have become associated with the Presidential campaign.

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