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1 Contempt for religion
Northern Iowan 82:55, p.3
5/2/1986 Talks about status of her religious faith.
2 Senate requests executives to attend RHA
Northern Iowan 82:53, p.4
4/25/1986 Would like one UNISA representative to attend RHA meetings; hopes RHA will reciprocate.
3 UNI wrestling poster creates controversy
Northern Iowan 82:53, p.1
4/25/1986 Some object to the portrayal of the wrestling team in military uniforms; others dislike the inclusion of a women in the poster; photo.
4 Price Lab threatened
Northern Iowan 82:52, p.1
4/22/1986 Proposal to close PLS seems likely to be simply legislative maneuvering.
5 Senate supports financial aid amendment
Northern Iowan 82:51, p.6
4/18/1986 UNISA Senate decides against supporting a response to the terrorist acts that have been directed towards Americans traveling in Europe.
6 POW speech is Tuesday
Northern Iowan 82:49, p.4
4/11/1986 Stephen T. Johnson will speak.
7 Students lobby, rally at Capitol
Northern Iowan 82:49, p.1
4/11/1986 Excerpts from Connie Hessburg's remarks; photo.
8 Take It or Leave It
Northern Iowan 82:48, p.2
4/8/1986 Offers a solution for dealing with terrorist attacks.
9 Senate: 'frequencies monopolized'
Northern Iowan 82:47, p.3
4/4/1986 UNISA and broadcasting department debate the use of University radio frequencies; UNISA recommends that KCRS use the KHKE frequency.
10 Group protests against contra aid
Northern Iowan 82:46, p.7
4/1/1986 Community of Concerned Citizens for Human Rights believes that the United States should not become involved with Nicaragua's domestic affairs; photo.
11 Take It or Leave It
Northern Iowan 82:46, p.2
4/1/1986 Comments on United States foreign policy.
12 Rape information available
Northern Iowan 82:43, p.3
3/14/1986 Students work to promote Rape Awareness Week.
13 UNISA hears budget appeals
Northern Iowan 82:43, p.1
3/14/1986 KCRS hopes to change their carrier current system from phone lines to FM cable; photo.
14 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:42, p.2
3/11/1986 Discusses the influence that spring has on people's attitudes.
15 United Faculty passes resolution: no penalty for union activities
Northern Iowan 82:42, p.1
3/11/1986 United Faculty believes it sees a pattern in denial of tenure in Department of Industrial Technology
16 Profs file grievances against UNI
Northern Iowan 82:41, p.1
3/7/1986 Patrick Miller and Leslie Miller file grievances after receiving terminal contracts; photo.
17 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:40, p.2
3/4/1986 Upset with the purported actions of President Curris and the UNISA administration.
18 Budget crisis close-up: the rat lab
Northern Iowan 82:38, p.1
2/25/1986 Budget cuts cause psychology department to stop the study of genetically-pure rats.
19 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:38, p.2
2/25/1986 Discusses why people get so upset over the loss of some lives and barely notice the loss of others.
20 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:36, p.2
2/18/1986 Believes that the resignation of UNISA president Mike Hager could be a turning point in the way the UNISA is run.
21 USI appoints new director
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.4
2/14/1986 Hires new legislative director.
22 Departments feel crunch: Reversion of funds
Northern Iowan 82:34, p.1
2/11/1986 Administrators tell how the reversion will hurt their departments.
23 Budget crisis hits hard
Northern Iowan 82:32, p.1
2/4/1986 Jim Stampp talks about the way that UNI has handled the 3.85% reversion of funds to the state.
24 Parker protests exclusion of minority culture courses
Northern Iowan 82:31, p.1
1/31/1986 Professor Parker would like to change name of non-Western cultures category to other cultures; would then include his Culture of the Ghetto course.
25 Employee option for University shutdown questioned
Northern Iowan 82:30, p.1
1/28/1986 Questions arise over how employees spent their four work days off campus during Christmas break.
26 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:30, p.2
1/28/1986 Questions some of the beliefs of Christianity.
27 Budget process begins
Northern Iowan 82:29, p.1
1/24/1986 Beginning process of allocating funds to student organizations.
28 Two UNISA senators announce bids for presidency
Northern Iowan 82:29, p.1
1/24/1986 Connie Hessburg and Kerisa Chung announce candidacy.
29 Seminar room dedication today for controversial Fox
Northern Iowan 82:28, p.6
1/21/1986 Seminar room in Baker Hall to be named for Josef Fox; photo.
30 Shortage of NDSL funds remedied
Northern Iowan 82:28, p.4
1/21/1986 Problem caused by large number of successful applications in first semester.
31 Take it or leave it
Northern Iowan 82:28, p.2
1/21/1986 Discouraged by a cut in educational appropriation and the deterioration of financial aid.
32 Enrollment cap proposed
Northern Iowan 82:27, p.1
12/13/1985 Will take proposal to Regents; if approved, the proposal will come back to campus for development.
33 Senate hears RHA's side
Northern Iowan 82:27, p.5
12/13/1985 Clair Fleener states that the spring 1985 RHA election was marred only by minor errors that did not effect the outcome.
34 Air band offers pleasant, entertaining substitute for Hill
Northern Iowan 82:26, p.supplement 3
12/10/1985 Results of the recent competition; photo.
35 RHA election procedures, policies, officials questioned
Northern Iowan 82:25, p.1
12/6/1985 Carl Blake questions the RHA spring election; RHA officers offer their views.
36 Senate to buy computers
Northern Iowan 82:25, p.7
12/6/1985 Also asks RHA about last spring's election procedures.
37 Regents approve lottery proposals, Stockdale as acting dean
Northern Iowan 82:24, p.1
11/26/1985 Board forwards list of lottery money proposals; Jerry Stockdale will be acting dean of CSBS; Ervin Dennis will serve as acting head of Industrial Technology.
38 Hager writes controversial letter
Northern Iowan 82:23, p.1
11/22/1985 Mike Hager writes letter to Sue Follon stating that student organization funds should be subject to the general 5% reversion of funds; some senators object.
39 UNISA considers purchase
Northern Iowan 82:22, p.1
11/19/1985 Mike Hager talks about the needs and uses for a computer system in the student organization area.
40 Computer fee proposal outlined
Northern Iowan 82:21, p.1
11/15/1985 Fee of $40 per year would bring in over $400,000; half would be used to establish a large general purpose lab; a quarter would be used to improve the Harris computer; and a quarter would be used for an education computer lab; students ask for guarantees.
41 Purchase considered
Northern Iowan 82:21, p.5
11/15/1985 UNISA considers purchasing computer equipment; opposed Governor Branstad's higher education budget; asks for guarantees on spending of proposed student computer fee.
42 James Hearst memorial advocated
Northern Iowan 82:20, p.7
11/12/1985 George Day and Harley McIlrath promote the idea of a garden in the space formerly occupied by the Old Administration Building.
43 White supremacy group has Waterloo members
Northern Iowan 82:19, p.1
11/8/1985 Interview with member of Aryan Nation.
44 UNI students march for peace
Northern Iowan 82:18, p.1
11/5/1985 About 30 students march around Cedar Falls.
45 Lobby legislators through SPELL
Northern Iowan 82:16, p.7
10/29/1985 A look at the USI program to contact and inform legislators.
46 Students to protest
Northern Iowan 82:16, p.1
10/29/1985 Will protest the dismissal of Robert Morin.
47 Conservation Club helps save valley
Northern Iowan 82:15, p.4
10/25/1985 Club donates money to purchasing land in Colorado.
48 Debate duo places second nationally
Northern Iowan 82:15, p.5
10/25/1985 Gregg Fishbein and Tim Kratz finish second in national tournaments; photo.
49 Curris suspends work on campus projects
Northern Iowan 82:14, p.5
10/22/1985 President Curris suspends work on about 10 campus projects, including the Christmas decorations; Rick Stinchfield will review and prioritize projects; list of projects.
50 Tuition increase above inflation rate
Northern Iowan 82:14, p.1
10/22/1985 Pass 6.5% increase; approve capital request for Business Building; endorse Center for Decision-Making Research; photo.


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