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Northern Iowan - Friday, March 30, 1979 (Volume 75, Number 45)

Headline Page Type
Business majors reassured by head of department 1 News /ni/1978/00000597.jpg
IaPIRG urges tighter control over nuclear material transport; petitions Cedar Falls Council 1 News /ni/1978/00000597.jpg
What's up 1 News /ni/1978/00000597.jpg
This is folk dancing? 1 Photo /ni/1978/00000597.jpg
Social Work Club 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
UNI Reading Association 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
Women's Studies Association 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
IRUSC 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
IaPIRG offers student apartment-hunting aid 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
Stress workshop 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
PEO 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
Fashion Merchandising Club 10 News /ni/1978/00000606.jpg
Devoted fan or and Ernie Shavers mutant? 11 Photo /ni/1978/00000607.jpg
Union's 10th anniversary: back to the 60's 11 News /ni/1978/00000607.jpg
Fast foods: serve a purpose but with lots of calories 12 News /ni/1978/00000608.jpg
Find the squirrel 12 Photo /ni/1978/00000608.jpg
Women's Center 12 News /ni/1978/00000608.jpg
Division II gymnastics; in the UNI-Dome 14 News /ni/1978/00000610.jpg
Gymnastics auditions 14 News /ni/1978/00000610.jpg
Intramural news 14 News /ni/1978/00000610.jpg
Softball begins 15 News /ni/1978/00000611.jpg
Women runners host scrimmage 15 News /ni/1978/00000611.jpg
Men's track in double-dual meet 15 News /ni/1978/00000611.jpg
New assistant named 15 News /ni/1978/00000611.jpg
Folk dance club: UNI ambassadors through dancing 16 News /ni/1978/00000612.jpg
Objects to ROTC 2 Letter /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
Response to art criticism 2 Letter /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
Where's John? 2 Letter /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
RHA court system for student's protection 2 Letter /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
Let's hear some campaign promises 2 Editorial /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
Poor show date 2 Letter /ni/1978/00000598.jpg
Vote for Morris 3 Letter /ni/1978/00000599.jpg
A reserve officers training corps (ROTC) unit may be established at UNI by the fall of 1980. Do you approve or disapprove? And you said: 3 Photo /ni/1978/00000599.jpg
Olympics needed to determine merit pay for faculty members? Go, team, go 3 News /ni/1978/00000599.jpg
Student gallery: metal and wood 4 News /ni/1978/00000600.jpg
Art scholarship competition 4 News /ni/1978/00000600.jpg
Runner stumbles 4 Photo /ni/1978/00000600.jpg
"Hamlet" 5 News /ni/1978/00000601.jpg
Free fiction film 5 News /ni/1978/00000601.jpg
Opera quartet 5 News /ni/1978/00000601.jpg
"All that Jazz" tonight 6 News /ni/1978/00000602.jpg
Judges contest 6 News /ni/1978/00000602.jpg
Minimum grade requirements may ease business problems 6 News /ni/1978/00000602.jpg
Shortage of business instructors hits UNI; no scheduling problems for juniors and seniors 7 News /ni/1978/00000603.jpg
Morris: "will not serve if elected" 8 News /ni/1978/00000604.jpg
Lathrop: progress to today's student needs 8 News /ni/1978/00000604.jpg
Candidates for third UNISA election; deadline to declare candidacy 8 News /ni/1978/00000604.jpg
Candidates debate 8 News /ni/1978/00000604.jpg
St. John: have fewer elections, more action 8 News /ni/1978/00000604.jpg
Find a local dealer when buying a 10-speed 9 News /ni/1978/00000605.jpg

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