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College Eye - Wednesday, January 24, 1917 (Volume 8, Number 15)

Headline Page Type
Motion pictures at the college; Vanity Fair next Saturday evening 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Southern Wisconsin Teachers Association 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Prof. Kay lectures; gives interesting discussion on Pleistocenic geology of Iowa 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
May Robson at the Cotton 1 Feature /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Ida M. Tarbell to lecture; editor, author, historian, and lecturer 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Summer term bulletin and faculty 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
A Pair of Sixes; midwinter play next Thursday evening 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Teachers High defeat Independence; locals play best game 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Miss Emma Christensen 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Teachers defeat Coe 4-17; no field baskets during first half 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Oriental pageant to be given by Physical Education Department 1 News /ni/1916/00000113.jpg
Y. W. C. A. 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
Preparatories 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
Training School beats Waterloo, 16-11 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
Shake-Aristo 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
B. A. juniors frolic 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
English Club holds meeting 2 News /ni/1916/00000114.jpg
"P. T. affair" 3 News /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
Newman notes 3 News /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
Teachers defeated by Upper Iowa 3 News /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
Morbus Sabbaticus 3 Feature /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
The Iowa Club 3 News /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
Our advertisers 3 Feature /ni/1916/00000115.jpg
What is school spirit? 4 Feature /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
Editorial 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
Cooperate with the Old Gold staff 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
The College Eye election 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
Chapel exercises 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
Untitled 4 News /ni/1916/00000116.jpg
Economics 5 Editorial /ni/1916/00000117.jpg
New course of study for rural critic teachers 6 News /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Study Centers, January 20, 1917 6 News /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Untitled 6 Feature /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Success 6 Feature /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
They "pat" us; "pat" them 6 Editorial /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
An appeal to the teacher 6 Feature /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Teachers second team defeats Nashua 6 News /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Joe E. Vance, 1898 6 News /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
J. Percival Huget, 1892 6 News /ni/1916/00000118.jpg
Miss Margaret Ferris 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Maude Wilson 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Dorothy Onoby 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Mildred Weenick 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
The marriage of Miss Miriam Robertson 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
An interesting letter 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Maude Wilson 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Nell Young 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Mrs. Geo. O. Fisher 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Ruth Fitzsimmons 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg
Miss Ethel Waller 7 News /ni/1916/00000119.jpg


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