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College Eye - Wednesday, October 10, 1917 (Volume 9, Number 4)

Headline Page Type
Military drill progresses; past week sees improvement in drill 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Florence Hinkle noted soprano 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Professor R. L. Dickinson 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Football presents strong prospects 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Iowa Day a success 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Students! Vote! 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Why should I support the Y. M. and Y. W. 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Capt. Seymour may go to France soon 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
My daddy--the captain of the Army 1 Feature /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
"War will not end soon" 1 News /ni/1917/00000025.jpg
Training School presents Iowa Day program 2 News /ni/1917/00000026.jpg
Members of the faculty of the Extension Service 2 News /ni/1917/00000026.jpg
Merge colleges Coe and Clark; consolidated instituted at Cedar Rapids 2 News /ni/1917/00000026.jpg
Baccalaureate address 2 News /ni/1917/00000026.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. 3 Column /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
Recognition service; Y. W. C. A. welcomes members 3 News /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
Billie Burke at the Empress 3 Review /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
What are other colleges doing 3 News /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
Iowa State Teachers Association 3 News /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
Alumni representations excepting those listed in the faculty 3 News /ni/1917/00000027.jpg
An important school activity 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
An editorial 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
Student Council 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
A college paper 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
Treason? 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
All the faculty and student members 4 News /ni/1917/00000028.jpg
Military comments 5 Letter /ni/1917/00000029.jpg
Success 5 Letter /ni/1917/00000029.jpg
To the editor of the College Eye 5 Letter /ni/1917/00000029.jpg
Camp Dodge, Iowa 6 Letter /ni/1917/00000030.jpg
Can you make a sixty percent grade? 6 Letter /ni/1917/00000030.jpg
Neotrophian 6 News /ni/1917/00000030.jpg
Clio formal 6 News /ni/1917/00000030.jpg
Alpha notes 6 News /ni/1917/00000030.jpg
C. S. A. A. 7 Column /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
"Dutch" Arends and George Bleeker 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Ruby Whitham 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Study Centers 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Ida Salyers 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Lecture Committee makes important announcement 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Fern Clark 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Mrs. V. Tostlebe 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Elmer Erickson and Al Faber 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Cedar Falls 66, Reinbeck 7 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Fern Forrest 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
College Eye office hours 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Mr. Clayton Herry 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Mrs. Esther Kramer 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
The following alumni 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg
Benjamin Robinson 7 News /ni/1917/00000031.jpg


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