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College Eye - Wednesday, October 18, 1916 (Volume 8, Number 5)

Headline Page Type
Brian Condit 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Cliorio initiate formally; banquet at Waterloo 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
News came yesterday 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Teachers lose to Upper Iowa; team work little better 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Shedd wins declamatory; Charles Perrott captures second 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Oelwein defeats T. C. H. S.; Training School plays game without a penalty 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Training School plays alumni; teams well matched 1 News /ni/1916/00000033.jpg
Study centers Saturday, Oct. 14 2 News /ni/1916/00000034.jpg
Ruth Bailey 2 News /ni/1916/00000034.jpg
Minnesingers reorganize 2 News /ni/1916/00000034.jpg
Officers of the Des Moines Alumni and Old Student Association for 1916-17 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Students enrolled summer schools 1916 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Leave of absence 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Some things I would do if I were in college 3 Feature /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
The Executive Committee 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Newman 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Y. M. C. A. 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Bert McDonald 3 News /ni/1916/00000035.jpg
Voting 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000036.jpg
Concerning germs 4 Feature /ni/1916/00000036.jpg
A chance to help the team 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000036.jpg
What should be done? 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000036.jpg
Iowa Club 5 News /ni/1916/00000037.jpg
Tuesday evening 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
On Tuesday evening 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Neo initiation 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Shake-Aristo 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Philos entertain 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Rare musical treats; many gifted artists have engagements here 6 Feature /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Mrs. Oscar Tostlebe 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
Scrubs defeat Osage High; some of the men show up well 6 News /ni/1916/00000038.jpg
M. F. Johnson married 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Chauncey Houstman 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Roy Abbott at Madison 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Grace E. Lambert 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Helen Wells making her work successful 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Mrs. Susan Riley Wolfer 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Mr. Hart was in Iowa Falls 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Miss Helen Buell 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
H. H. Mott 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Eulalian informal 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Ossoli formal 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Delpha Davis in U. S. 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Miss Frances Philo 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Mr. Lloyd Barnes 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Roger Kingsbury 7 News /ni/1916/00000039.jpg
Mrs. Walker 8 News /ni/1916/00000040.jpg
Mrs. A. B. Clark 8 News /ni/1916/00000040.jpg
Miss Myrtle Edson 8 News /ni/1916/00000040.jpg
Miss Helene Jongewaard 8 News /ni/1916/00000040.jpg


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