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College Eye - Wednesday, October 19, 1921 (Volume 13, Number 8)

Headline Page Type
Junior college class 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Students busy in preparation for Homecoming; a fine program planned; houses to be decorated 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Seniors picnic 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Special issue 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
State Teachers left halfback 1 Photo /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Greek letter scholars here 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
English Department 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Societies have real enthusiasm over debating; practically every women's society has entered 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Big time assured on Homecoming; pack up your troubles 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Old gold and purple's right half back 1 Photo /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Men's Glee Club now organized; they elected officers at last meeting 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Methodist mention 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Squad encounter Ellsworth here in game Friday 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
Second try out of declamatory contest today; there will be seven chosen from these fourteen 1 News /ni/1921/00000057.jpg
American government and politics class 2 Creative /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Homerians 2 News /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Methodist merrymaking 2 News /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Kindergartners 2 News /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Delphian 2 News /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Commercial news 2 News /ni/1921/00000058.jpg
Sociology Club 3 News /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Zeta Society news 3 News /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Chresto 3 News /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Training School News 3 Column /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Receipt for home brew 3 News /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Entertainment course 1921-1922 3 Advertisement /ni/1921/00000059.jpg
Penciling 4 Column /ni/1921/00000060.jpg
Sportsmanship 4 Editorial /ni/1921/00000060.jpg
Inquiring Reporter 4 Column /ni/1921/00000060.jpg
Pages from T. C. diaries 4 Creative /ni/1921/00000060.jpg
In memoriam 4 Feature /ni/1921/00000060.jpg
Excerpts from President Seerley's address at the High School Training Conference at Cedar Falls October 3, 1921 5 News /ni/1921/00000061.jpg
Bartlett Hall 6 News /ni/1921/00000062.jpg
Tumble Inn 6 News /ni/1921/00000062.jpg
Philo 7 News /ni/1921/00000063.jpg
Robb Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000063.jpg
Chapman Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000063.jpg
Dowell Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000063.jpg
Barn(y)ard Hall News 7 News /ni/1921/00000063.jpg
Mr. L. C. Banes 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Miss Vava Pittman 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Edna Gibson 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Hazel Joslyn 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Professor F. McCreary 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Irene Stevens 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Mrs. McFarland Walker 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Miss Helen McHugh 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
"Doc" Throckmorton and Miss Alma Herrald 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Mrs. Hazel Hunt 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg
Marie Kline 8 News /ni/1921/00000064.jpg


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