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College Eye - Thursday, October 25, 1928 (Volume 20, Number 7)

Headline Page Type
First piano recital to be held Friday 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Square and Compass Club 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Prima Dona selects excellent program 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Commander Read wins race with 165 mile lead 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Alumni urged to visit alma mater and make Homecoming a success 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Reed and Evans win district contests 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
College-community worship planned for Sun. Oct. 28 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Miss Scott challenged youth of I. S. T. C. to deeper thinking 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Broadcasting of games proves successful 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Vesper concert will be given Nov. 18 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Modern club house made possible by Woman's Club accessible to T. C . students 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Send band with team to Des Moines 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
W. A. A. delegates convene at Cornell 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Hodges brings new specimen to museum 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Dr. Shailer Matthews former teacher of Dr. Hanson spoke 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Klondike rush man serves public 1 News /ni/1928/00000049.jpg
Editorially speaking 2 Editorial /ni/1928/00000050.jpg
Iowa Club plans excellent yearly program 2 News /ni/1928/00000050.jpg
Next college dance planned Nov. 2 2 News /ni/1928/00000050.jpg
Men's literary society notes 2 News /ni/1928/00000050.jpg
Class ring decision made 2 News /ni/1928/00000050.jpg
Catholic Student Association 3 News /ni/1928/00000051.jpg
Death 3 News /ni/1928/00000051.jpg
Nasif gives lecture on subject of rugs 3 News /ni/1928/00000051.jpg
Literary 3 Creative /ni/1928/00000051.jpg
Junior officers announced 3 News /ni/1928/00000051.jpg
Penn buried alive under Tutor avalanche; varied attack cause of complete rout 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
That scoreboard at varsity games 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
Little Tutors win second conf. game 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
Dickinson issues varsity cage call 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
Frosh elevens show form in workouts 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
How Tutor conf. rivals look in dope bucket 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
Rival Teachers College battle here Saturday; Northern Illinois reported strong 4 News /ni/1928/00000052.jpg
Westminister Foundation 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Lambda Gamma Nu 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Alpha Delta Alpha 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Pi Theta Pi 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Campanile Chimes 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Campanile chimes 5 Feature /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Miss Juhl Returns from vacation 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Sioux Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Shakespearean 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Inter-Sorrtity tea 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Sophomore Council Tea 5 News /ni/1928/00000053.jpg
Alpha Theta Beta 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg
Theta Gamma Nu 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg
Alpha Chi Epsilon 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg
Alpha Beta Gamma 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg
Tau Sigma Delta 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg
Pi Tau Phi 6 News /ni/1928/00000054.jpg


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