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College Eye - Wednesday, October 3, 1923 (Volume 15, Number 5)

Headline Page Type
Student Loan Fund benefit October 11th 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
College orchestra starts work; several positions in orchestra still remain open 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Men---here is your chance; men's mix will be held Thursday night 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Minnesingers notes 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
"I'm here" 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
National Camp Fire secretary will be here 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Student council is organized for year; will back Senior Class in carrying out "College Day"; prize of $15 is offered for school song; contest closes 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Cedar Falls jubilee Oct. 12; Magnus Johnson will be main speaker 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
T. C. club elects 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
In the spirit of friendship; Y. W. C. A. welcomes young women of institution; next week is membership week; weekly meetings held at chapel time 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Results of class elections 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Operatic trio gives splendid concerts; music lovers treated to excellent programs 1 News /ni/1923/00000033.jpg
Cedar Falls band gives good concert; director McCreary is to be commended upon good work 2 News /ni/1923/00000034.jpg
Miss Reding gives solo 2 News /ni/1923/00000034.jpg
Ley Hall 2 News /ni/1923/00000034.jpg
Training School News 3 Column /ni/1923/00000035.jpg
Editorially speaking; why Homecoming Nov. 24th? 4 Editorial
Editorially speaking; wanted--a few traffic policemen 4 Editorial
Editorially speaking; your pep--where is it? 4 Editorial
Society and entertainment 5 News /ni/1923/00000037.jpg
Teachers are all set for St. Ambrose game; line up for opening battle still uncertain; T. C. will present strong team; Coach "Mendy" is hopeful of out 6 News /ni/1923/00000038.jpg
Dempsey-Firpo battle is reproduced on the Hill; identity of combatants and promoters well concealed 6 News /ni/1923/00000038.jpg
Untitled 6 News /ni/1923/00000038.jpg
What's been happening 6 News /ni/1923/00000038.jpg
Senior class takes charge of chapel 6 News /ni/1923/00000038.jpg
Hobo frat holds dance 7 News /ni/1923/00000039.jpg
Student volunteer tea 7 News /ni/1923/00000039.jpg
The members of the Department of Education faculty 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
On Monday night 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
The college students 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Many students attended 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
The second year primaries 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
There were nine study centers 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mr. Vern Tansy 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Grace Rait 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Marie Tracy 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mrs. Shutt 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Wilma Livy 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Jessie Juhl 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Alma Smith 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mr. Merton Closier 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Gladys Gashel 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Knoepfler 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mr. T. B. Homan 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Hazel Stoddard 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss May Smith 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Miss Ruth Nolte 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
Mr. Earl M. London 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg
The Faculty Men's Glee Club 8 Feature /ni/1923/00000040.jpg

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