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College Eye - Wednesday, October 6, 1920 (Volume 12, Number 6)

Headline Page Type
Large crowd greets Kendall 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
Detailed story of Coe game 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
First home game this week; team meets Buena Vista; good game certain 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
Cox-Roosevelt Club launched 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
Chas. A. Palmer in politics 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
New membership plan for Y. W. 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
Do you want an annual? 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
T. C. girl teaches at Ames 1 News /ni/1920/00000049.jpg
Professor Myra E. Call leaves us 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Esther Bley to give recital 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Knepper goes to Cambria 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Enthusiasm shown in Y. meeting 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Geneva program 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Mr. Goetch's S. S. class 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Welcome M. E. students 2 News /ni/1920/00000050.jpg
Sidelights on consolidation 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Geo. S. Dick enjoys work in Wisconsin 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Aristos destroy old note 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Cut out and save 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Joe Hand forced to leave school 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Des Moines wants to hear Seerley 3 News /ni/1920/00000051.jpg
Y. M. C. A. gets new rooms 4 News /ni/1920/00000052.jpg
James F. Treasure 4 News /ni/1920/00000052.jpg
A. J. Wilbur 4 News /ni/1920/00000052.jpg
Arno C. Halbfass 4 News /ni/1920/00000052.jpg
Editorially speaking; those everlasting announcements 4 Editorial /ni/1920/00000052.jpg
Training School News 5 Column /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
Department of Education 5 News /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
Program for normal training high school conference; to be held October 11th and 12th, 1920 at Iowa State Teachers College; under the Department of Pub 5 News /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
O. K. Strike gets position in far west 5 News /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
Registrar's notices 5 News /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
Study centers this week-end 5 News /ni/1920/00000053.jpg
Homerians 6 News /ni/1920/00000054.jpg
Irving Literary Society 6 News /ni/1920/00000054.jpg
Mac Hall Vacuum, 2221 Olive Street 6 News /ni/1920/00000054.jpg
Primary news 7 News /ni/1920/00000055.jpg
Manual Arts Department 7 News /ni/1920/00000055.jpg
Mathematics Dept. 7 News /ni/1920/00000055.jpg
Physical Education notes 7 News /ni/1920/00000055.jpg
Natural Science Department 7 News /ni/1920/00000055.jpg
Miss Ruth Kellogg and Grace Narber 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Florence Carl 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Ossoli 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Jerry Walker 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
The sophomore picnic 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
On Tuesday afternoon 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Shake-Aristo have dance 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Miss Agnes Allender 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Social 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg
Junior B. A. 8 News /ni/1920/00000056.jpg


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