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College Eye - Wednesday, November 1, 1911 (Volume 1, Number 8)

Headline Page Type
Daniel Jennings 1 News /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
The following item 1 News /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
Large crowd listens to rendition of grand opera; Le Brun quartet visits the college 1 Review /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
Teachers lose to Leander Clark score 6-0; game lost in second quarter; neither team showed up very strong; Sheffield makes sensational run 1 News /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
Mrs. Walker will talk to the young men 1 News /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
Casper Schenk 1 News /ni/1911/00000057.jpg
Department of orchestral instruments 2 Editorial /ni/1911/00000058.jpg
New books received at the library 3 News /ni/1911/00000059.jpg
The Science Club 3 News /ni/1911/00000059.jpg
A second canvass of the Hill 4 Editorial /ni/1911/00000060.jpg
A dissertation on shoes 4 Letter /ni/1911/00000060.jpg
County Superintendent W. P Jansen 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Mr. W. H. Ray 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
The following statement from the I. S. C. Student 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
The insurrection in Hupeh province, China 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Mrs. Mary A. Crew Boedcher 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Vernie Willard 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
M. R. Hassel 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Mr. R. Hassel 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Miss Margaret Young 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Miss Verna Farrington 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Miss Mary Walters 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Miss Inez Devens 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Mr. C. L. Love 5 News /ni/1911/00000061.jpg
Scandal in debating room; disgraceful act of certain Ames men 6 News /ni/1911/00000062.jpg
The senior party 6 News /ni/1911/00000062.jpg
Miss Jessie Brinkmann 6 News /ni/1911/00000062.jpg
The preliminary announcement 6 News /ni/1911/00000062.jpg
Miss Eleanor Mitchell 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Misses Anne Merriam and Ethel Baldwin 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Miss Anne Pulver 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mr. Blair 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Father Donlon 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Miss Ethel Sprague 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
The Convention of the Iowa Federation of Woman's Clubs 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mr. Maxon 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Professor Samson 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mr. Warren Proctor 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Miss Alma Van Horn 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mr. Winnefred Molsberry 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mrs. Williams 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Schuneman 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Misses Foryst Hurt, Lucie Riggs and Oral Dale 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Miss Leila Butts 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
The junior kindergarten class 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Mrs. Walker 7 News /ni/1911/00000063.jpg
Official Notes 8 Column /ni/1911/00000064.jpg
Miss Clara E. Drake 8 News /ni/1911/00000064.jpg
Miss Plaetus Burgess 8 News /ni/1911/00000064.jpg

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