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College Eye - Wednesday, November 1, 1916 (Volume 8, Number 7)

Headline Page Type
Will American colleges help; conditions among the student soldier prisoners in the war prisons of Europe 1 Feature /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
Teachers lose to Dubuque; some of men do not get into spirit of game 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
Juniors-seniors masquerade; attic is haunted by mysterious forms 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
The religion of Catholics; everyone is invited to attend 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
High school wins city championship; only touchdown made as a result of an intercepted pass 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
Pep meeting well attended; several interesting talks are given 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
Faculty has mix; faculty members get together in social good time on Tuesday evening, October 24th 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
Miss Katherine Stichter 1 News /ni/1916/00000049.jpg
H. F. Young 2 News /ni/1916/00000050.jpg
Class Day programs 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Muriel Margaret Apelian 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
The Schoolmaster's Club 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Straw vote on president 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Leave of absence 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Other appointments 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Study Center instructors recently appointed. 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Title changed 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Headquarters for College Eye and Old Gold 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Normal training high schools 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Study Centers 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
All aboard for Geneva 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
Clifford P. Archer supervisor of schools 3 News /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
At the Morningside game 3 Feature /ni/1916/00000051.jpg
The change of custom 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Sponging 4 News /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Nerve 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Our view of school spirit 4 Editorial /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Community centers in the demonstration schools 4 News /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Miss Gladys Wells 4 News /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Thanksgiving vacation at I. S. T. C. 4 Feature /ni/1916/00000052.jpg
Dear parents 5 Letter /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Amongst the loyal subscribers 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Mr. P. A. Long 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Training School defeats Ackley 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Miss Vera Styker 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Training School observes Iowa Day 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Elizabeth Jennings 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
John Barnes 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
G. S. Martin 5 News /ni/1916/00000053.jpg
Chrestomathian formal 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Schoolmasters Club 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Optimistic 6 Creative /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Irving initiation 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Phi-Alpha Initiation 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Neo 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
The Zetas initiate; banquet held at Russell Lamson 6 News /ni/1916/00000054.jpg
Untitled 7 Photo /ni/1916/00000055.jpg
Prof. Wright gives second talk of a series of lectures on religion; speaks of Buddhism 7 Feature /ni/1916/00000055.jpg
Untitled 7 Feature /ni/1916/00000055.jpg
Winifred Merrill at New York City 8 News /ni/1916/00000056.jpg


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