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College Eye - Thursday, November 22, 1928 (Volume 20, Number 11)

Headline Page Type
Convocation-Commencement to be held Dec. 4; fall term exercises to be held 10 a. m. at College Auditorium 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Fall graduates notice! 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Band fund slowly increasing 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
"Sea Devil" waged warfare without taking human life 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Oratorical contest to be held Nov. 26 at Gilchrist chapel 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Don't forget! 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Ladies Band will give concert 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Band plans trip to Des Moines to cheer Tutors 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Next week's Eye published on Wed. 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Will your faith withstand all obstacles?; vesper concert very well received 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Women urged by Mrs. Hooper to unite for peace 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
President Latham addresses Iowa Club 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Observations made from 'B' letter report 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Attend T. C. banquet at Des Moines 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Rev. A. B. Leamer to preach Nov. 25; band concert conducive to vesper worship 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Many chemistry students enter essay contest 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Prof. Bush proves highly entertaining 1 News /ni/1928/00000077.jpg
Dr. West tells of New Zealand 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Y's news 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
C. S. A. 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Untitled 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Colleen Moore turns sailor in "Oh Kay!" her new comedy 2 Review /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Y. M. C. A. starts membership drive 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Untitled 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Untitled 2 News /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Gym's Snooze 2 Column /ni/1928/00000078.jpg
Literary 3 Creative /ni/1928/00000079.jpg
Editorially speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1928/00000080.jpg
Irvings! 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Bartlett Hall celebrates 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Men's Forum 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Card of thanks 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Cliosophic 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Wesley Foundation 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Professor W. B. Fagan of the English Department 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Benjamin Boardman, college secretary 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Prof. Clark H. Brown 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Shakespearean 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Mathematics Club 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Former student does good work 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Eulalian 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Miss Letta Hoyt , Maxwell, who was enrolled 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Obtains splendid position 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Professor Ida Huglin, formerly of the college extension 5 News /ni/1928/00000076.jpg
Training School wins last game 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg
Frosh defeat Coe yearlings 6--2 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg
Tutor harriers swamp Parsons; win handily 19 to 36 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg
Are we going to Des Moines? 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg
Tutor stars rank high in conf. scoring 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg
A note about the conference race 6 News /ni/1928/00000082.jpg


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