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College Eye - Wednesday, December 12, 1917 (Volume 9, Number 11)

Headline Page Type
Fall term Commencement 1 News /ni/1917/00000081.jpg
Candidates 1 News /ni/1917/00000081.jpg
Teachers College football team 1 News /ni/1917/00000081.jpg
Faculty frolic; professors indulge in real merriment; curtain rises at 5:30 Wed. evening 1 News /ni/1917/00000081.jpg
National Council of Teachers 2 News /ni/1917/00000082.jpg
Prof. Begeman makes effective four minute address at movies Saturday night 2 News /ni/1917/00000082.jpg
Thelma Wickersheim 2 News /ni/1917/00000082.jpg
Society 3 Column /ni/1917/00000083.jpg
Oratorical declamatory contest 3 News /ni/1917/00000083.jpg
Schoolmasters meet 3 News /ni/1917/00000083.jpg
Sarah Mildred Willmer to appear on Cedar Falls Lyceum Course 3 News /ni/1917/00000083.jpg
Women's number 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
Lines written 4 Feature /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
Alexander C. Roberts 4 News /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
The enrollment of students 4 News /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
That Teachers College Spring 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
Pupils or students 4 Editorial /ni/1917/00000084.jpg
Merrill Bailey writes 5 Letter /ni/1917/00000085.jpg
To the editor of the College Eye 5 Letter /ni/1917/00000085.jpg
Official 5 Column /ni/1917/00000085.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. 6 Column /ni/1917/00000086.jpg
Y. W. C. A. solicits for books which to go to cantonments; Y. M. C. A. collects records 6 News /ni/1917/00000086.jpg
Bible study in the churches 6 News /ni/1917/00000086.jpg
Y. M. C. A. program for the winter term 6 News /ni/1917/00000086.jpg
C. S. A. A. 6 News /ni/1917/00000086.jpg
C. S. notes 7 News /ni/1917/00000087.jpg
Public recital; children's department in piano 7 News /ni/1917/00000087.jpg
Miss Fell entertains 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Stella McCrea 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Girls from Bartlett Hall who have left school 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Dorothy Cummings 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Major F. N. Mead 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Mr. Packer 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Sergeant Romeo Short 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Pres. Seerley 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Rowena B. McWhorter 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Lieut. Sophus Jacobsen 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Dr. E. R. Park 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Miss Mae Malone 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Miss Vera Shultz 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Harold Palmer 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Miss Ruth Boardman 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Miss Livingston 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Professor Lockhart 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Subscribers 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
About thirty girls 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Mr. Arthur Dutton 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Charles McKinstry 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Renney Bromswell and Harold Bennett 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg
Georgiana Ruff 8 News /ni/1917/00000088.jpg


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