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College Eye - Wednesday, December 13, 1922 (Volume 14, Number 26)

Headline Page Type
P. T. girls sell Xmas seals 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Next issue Tuesday 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Fourth annual P. T. Cotillion; physical education faculty award shields to 13 girls 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Messiah program 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
A message to I. S. T. C. from a former student 1 Letter /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Likes College Eye, says Trinidad in letter to editor 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Keen interest in indoor sport; 51 men signed up for wrestling 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Five Tutor grid warriors 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
The Cherokee High School football team 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Sixth annual consolidated school conference here 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
A reminder 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Geneva Club Xmas bazaar 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Debate with Morningside Friday 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
New plan wins 1 News /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
Features of new plan for management of College Eye tried in other schools 1 Feature /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
I enjoyed the story you printed 1 Letter /ni/1922/00000117.jpg
The primary college eye 2 Editorial /ni/1922/00000118.jpg
Teachers win in practice game; first battle with Charles City last Monday 3 News /ni/1922/00000119.jpg
The Iowa Illiteracy Commission 3 News /ni/1922/00000119.jpg
W. Hicks elected captain of the 1923 football team 3 News /ni/1922/00000119.jpg
Harmony notes 3 News /ni/1922/00000119.jpg
Alpha-Philo 3 News /ni/1922/00000119.jpg
Judging oratorical contests 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
Interests 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
From a conversation 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
Directory? 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
Supt. Clark 4 News /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
Readers complain 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000120.jpg
Annual "dorm" Christmas party 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Irving-Homerian joint 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Eulalian debaters entertain 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Tea in honor of Miss Toms 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
College Club 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Delphians 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Homerian Literary Society 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Zetalethean 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
C. S. A. 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
In our college paper 30 years ago today 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
The Shakespearean society 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
L. S. A. 5 News /ni/1922/00000121.jpg
Monday at chapel time 7 News /ni/1922/00000123.jpg
At present 7 News /ni/1922/00000123.jpg
Birthday celebration 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Informal dinner party 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Olivette Lodge 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Training School News 8 Column /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Miss Harriet Jongewaard 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
C. O. Young and W. A. Dickenson 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Alo Eberhard 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg
Miss Quayle 8 News /ni/1922/00000124.jpg


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