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College Eye - Wednesday, December 9, 1925 (Volume 17, Number 26)

Headline Page Type
Science Club 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Gov. Hammill and F. O. Lowden speak before conference 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Will you graduate in 1926? 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Advanced pupils in recital Monday 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Miss Hazel Strayer 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Special diploma granted Wright by State Board 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Cafeteria does big business 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
State Board honors Wright; the broadcasting program proves a great success; many noteworthy persons present 1 News /ni/1925/00000153.jpg
Mr. S. A. Cohagan 2 News /ni/1925/00000154.jpg
Prof. McCreary on the saxophone 2 Editorial /ni/1925/00000154.jpg
At the theater 2 News /ni/1925/00000154.jpg
Miss Nancy Marie Ferguson 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Freshman Commission 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
World Friendship Committee 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Marjorie Holly 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Juanita Earp 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Mary Louise Keough 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Katherine Buxbaum 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Roy Howard 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Prof. Hendrickson 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Edna Wheeler 3 News /ni/1925/00000155.jpg
Jazz; an attempt at a definition 4 News /ni/1925/00000156.jpg
Miss Katherine Buxbaum 4 News /ni/1925/00000156.jpg
A Bouquet of Eyelets 4 Creative /ni/1925/00000156.jpg
Suggested reforms for T. C. 5 Editorial /ni/1925/00000157.jpg
The World Court question 5 News /ni/1925/00000157.jpg
The inquiring reporter 5 News /ni/1925/00000157.jpg
Prof. Henderson to Ames 5 News /ni/1925/00000157.jpg
"Dickmen"-Ellsworth tilt Monday; Purple basketeers will meet "Panthers" in opening game 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
Tutor cage men start practice; ten lettermen answer call 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
Football squad note 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
1926 grid prospects bright, will lose only four regulars 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
Pedagogs have unusually good grid season 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
Coach Bender drills grapplers; five lettermen back 6 News /ni/1925/00000158.jpg
Xanhos 7 News /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
Alpha Delta Alpha 7 News /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
Alpha Chi Epsilon 7 News /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
Lambda Gamma Nu 7 News /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
Grid rules for 1926 7 News /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
The pop off 7 Editorial /ni/1925/00000159.jpg
Alpha Beta Gamma 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Phi Omega Pi 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Tau Sigma Delta 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Pi Theta Pi 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Cliosophic 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Adams Hall news 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Aristo Literary Society 8 News /ni/1925/00000160.jpg
Diamond was not always most precious stone Supp. 1 News /ni/1925/00000161.jpg
Spring Suits adopt three-quarter coats Supp. 1 News /ni/1925/00000161.jpg
Lace in unusual shapes feature of coming season Supp. 1 News /ni/1925/00000161.jpg


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