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College Eye - Wednesday, March 19, 1919 (Volume 10, Number 19)

Headline Page Type
R. O. T. C. improbable in present term outlook; President Seerley wires Washington names of three officers as commandment. Will move slowly. 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
General exodus to Waterloo "movies" 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
Student teachers are withdrawn; election week ago Monday frees college from all obligations to the town. Situation better than ever. 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
New social function regulations approved by faculty; dancing is allowed; committee of seven in charge 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
Diamond artists eager and ready for harness; star twirler, Jorgenson, and others of last year nine in good form. Much new material. 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
College interstate orator chosen in challenge contest 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
General Wood speaks here; sends reply to Seerley's telegram 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
College enrollment 951 spring term; a slight falling off due to the large demand for teachers. Enrollment day is a busy one. 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
Constitution makes new Student Council; Miss Clara Schutz draws up satisfactory constitution. Is submitted and adopted. 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
Professor Macy Campbell undergoes severe bolshevist criticism 1 News /ni/1918/00000093.jpg
Hon. Roger Leavitt 2 News /ni/1918/00000094.jpg
Hon. W. R. Boyd 2 News /ni/1918/00000094.jpg
A criticism of Mabel Garrison 2 Editorial /ni/1918/00000094.jpg
The devil his due 2 Feature /ni/1918/00000094.jpg
Student critique; dancing as a social function at Teachers College 3 News /ni/1918/00000095.jpg
Philos preparing for unique mock trial; men's society goes on a little initiative in behalf of spirit on its own "hook". Other societies to be invited 3 News /ni/1918/00000095.jpg
Guy Lowman in charge of interstate high school meet; held at University of Wisconsin next week 3 News /ni/1918/00000095.jpg
Iowa college press at Colfax April 11 3 News /ni/1918/00000095.jpg
Brief accounts of returning overseas men 4 News /ni/1918/00000096.jpg
Miss Marjorie Robinson 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Eunice Acheson 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Misses Valeria Hein, Gladys Allen, and Lelah Evans 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Misses Hilda Faris and Marion Rash 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Doris Brown 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Jean McAllister 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Alma Hanson 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Christine Klein 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Misses Pearl Eggers and Ruth Olson 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Gladys Barnoske 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Hazel Kenseley 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Fern Mayer 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Myrtle Sharp 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Misses Thelma Vincent and Eva Blankenhorn 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Bess Dunn and Ann Crowley 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Mina Jongewaard 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Jean Beatty 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Pres. and Mrs. Seerley entertained 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Grace Townsend and Marietta Pederson 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
The Advisory Board of the Y. W. C. A. 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Neva Gutches 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Mrs. Walker and Miss Broeksmit 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Ina Martin 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Anita Richards 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Jeannette Rosemond 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Dorothy Richey 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Vesta Merner 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Book exchange 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Tuida Buehler 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Miss Hazel DeBolt 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg
Annabelle Pollock went to Oelwein 5 News /ni/1918/00000097.jpg


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