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College Eye - Wednesday, May 15, 1912 (Volume 1, Number 29)

Headline Page Type
Iowa wins first place; oratorical contest was close and interesting 1 News /ni/1911/00000227.jpg
Honors are divided; Morningside wins at Cedar Falls, Teachers receive unanimous decision at Sioux City 1 News /ni/1911/00000227.jpg
Interstate oratorical contest 2 News /ni/1911/00000228.jpg
The American crime; Carl I. Erickson winner, first place, interstate oratorical contest 3 News /ni/1911/00000229.jpg
Arthur Brogue 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Mrs. S. F. Hersey 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
The school board from Traer 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Mr. Eaton 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Bosley and Miss Mae Meyers 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Margarette McGuire 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Clara Primer 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Mona Mored 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Myra Julius 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Intersociety dual debate; Orios and Philos will clash in forensic contest next Monday evening 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Zeta picnic 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Official notes 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Miss Edith Riland enjoyed a visit 5 News /ni/1911/00000231.jpg
Mr. Bender 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
W. L. Veatch; Class of 1890 wins honors in his chosen profession 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Fannie Belle Russell 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Erna H. Plath 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Julia Lynn 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Grace Chappell 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Elma Sherwood 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Celia Thompson 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Catherine O'Toole 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Pres. Seerley 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Mr. Samson 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Miss Buck 6 News /ni/1911/00000232.jpg
Arthur Brogue 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Charlotte Huntley 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Alice Gordon 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Jess Mantle 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Reports from the field 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Supt. L. E. Eickelberg 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Bedros K. Apelian 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Lila Wagner 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Clara Eickhoff 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Fern Olive 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Supt. Meyers 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
A. A. Wall 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Della Indra 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Pearl Bills 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Robinson 7 News /ni/1911/00000233.jpg
Track schedule 8 News /ni/1911/00000234.jpg
Baseball schedule 8 News /ni/1911/00000234.jpg
Coming events 8 News /ni/1911/00000234.jpg

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