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College Eye - Wednesday, May 18, 1921 (Volume 12, Number 34)

Headline Page Type
May Day fete a success despite cold 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
New coach has splendid record in athletics; Mendenhall a man of broad experience in athletics 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Cast of "Iphigenia in Aulis" 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Plans made for Student Loan Fund 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Campanile campaign opens Monday 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Two teams debate labor issue this week; both women and men debate this week 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Miss Horne writes for magazines 1 News /ni/1920/00000273.jpg
Iowa champions in swimming 2 Photo /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
Professor White holds athletic meet at Forest City 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
Physical training; junior P. T.s entertain seniors and faculty 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
Summer term extension schools announce their faculty 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
Demonstration schools entertained at Teachers College 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
T. C. Club gives luncheon to Mendenhall 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
"Red" learn wins contest from locals; aside from sixth, game interesting and fast 2 News /ni/1920/00000274.jpg
Training School News 3 Column /ni/1920/00000275.jpg
Iowa schools to lead in courses on Americanism 3 News /ni/1920/00000275.jpg
Orchestra to furnish music for class play 3 News /ni/1920/00000275.jpg
Dr. Colegrove gives up job at Upper Iowa 3 News /ni/1920/00000275.jpg
Will you be at Geneva? 4 News /ni/1920/00000276.jpg
Editorially speaking; the 1921 staff bids the College Eye readers farewell 4 Editorial /ni/1920/00000276.jpg
Do you want to teach? 4 News /ni/1920/00000276.jpg
Sidelights on anatomy; skin 5 Feature /ni/1920/00000277.jpg
Supergulliglosity 5 News /ni/1920/00000277.jpg
Elma Prickett in piano recital 5 News /ni/1920/00000277.jpg
Second year Kindergarten 6 News /ni/1920/00000278.jpg
Summer term course in scouting to be given 6 News /ni/1920/00000278.jpg
Student alliance announced organization 6 News /ni/1920/00000278.jpg
Training School faculty party 6 News /ni/1920/00000278.jpg
Senior B. A.s breakfast 6 News /ni/1920/00000278.jpg
Miss Watson accepts splendid position 7 News /ni/1920/00000279.jpg
Delphian banquet 7 News /ni/1920/00000279.jpg
Martha Brandhorst and Velma Hidlebaugh 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Laura Bailey 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Miss Irene Stevens 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Martha Short 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Achoth Apartments 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Prof. Welles, Miss Platner, and Delinda Roggensack 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Report from Clawson Hall; listen for the echoes 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Filipine orator wins contest; reprint from Warrensburg Star-Journal 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Summer term appointments to the faculty 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
William Todd 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Miss Maude Knoop 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Glenn Bakkum 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Miss Snyder 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Maud Norris 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Agnes Schwartz 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Guy Hackley 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg
Eva Orr, Marjory Lundvall, Mildred Barnes, and Frances Rainbow 8 News /ni/1920/00000280.jpg

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