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College Eye - Friday, July 24, 1942 (Volume 33, Number 41)

Headline Page Type
Writer of 'We Women' is student handbook editor 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Assembly on 'research for fun' is coming 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Henrikson to outline remedy for speech defects 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Special numbers at first band concert; solo, trio highlights 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Summer "studes" rug-cut pavement 1 Photo /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Frolickers let down hair at 'Gay Nineties' dance 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Six week students end term 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Students of music to appear July 28 on music program 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
'Fats for the Japs' in explosives, says Getchell 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Need of nautical property delays play rehearsals 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Gates to lead poetry hour on Jeffers' poetry 1 News /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Louis Crowder presents recital 1 Review /ni/1941/00000179.jpg
Clues to the News 2 Column /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
Plea for professionals to come down to earth 2 Editorial /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
Watching the World 2 Column /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
War is heck for us golfers these days 2 Editorial /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
The Line 2 Column /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
Ask Aunt Emily 2 Column /ni/1941/00000180.jpg
Students, faculty enjoy picnicking 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Christie Tollefson is WAAC candidate for officer training 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Conference meets; speakers explain consumer duties 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
'Diet variations' to be discussed at nutrition class 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Former students navy honor men 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Chance to improve garden bouquets by flower talks 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Bible Conference held this week 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Fall termers get final check-up 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Seventh grade makes trip to band room 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
We Women 3 Column /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
'Chapel Chimes' copies ready for distribution now 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Fullerton directs assembly music 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Five new members initiated at tea into Beta Alpha Epsilon 3 News /ni/1941/00000181.jpg
Apprenticeship meets approval for coming year 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Mrs. Malcolm Price speaks at K. P. B. A. 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Hobby Shop features lettering 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Students' quiz questions on teachers' speech 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Campanile tour to be conducted by Crawford 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Sure-fire ways to flunk courses in 7 easy steps 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Study values of meat 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
'This above all' had no changes 4 Review /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Trimble's class seeks statistics on timely topics 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Campus nine defeated 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
New recording room will be available for speech clinic 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Democratic theme used at reverences 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Consumer's class study price ceilings 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Red Oak has display of child books 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Children receive physical exams 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Dandy-lions to win finals 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg
Services held at Riverside Park 4 News /ni/1941/00000182.jpg

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