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College Eye - Wednesday, September 14, 1921 (Volume 13, Number 3)

Headline Page Type
Colegrove speaks in chapel 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Over two hundred students more than last year; there is estimated to be around four hundred men enrolled 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Lecture Course Committee bringing real treat here; they have provided for two numbers of the entertainment course for this fall term 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
A band concert to be held at the college soon 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Normal training high schools in conference here; there will be about two hundred delegates here during the two days-session October 3-4 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Setting the pace 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Football squad in dead earnest for record season; the squad feels the loss of eight of last year's players 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
A moving picture entertainment 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Conference held at Lake Geneva very attractive; Teachers College Y. W. C. A. had one of the largest delegations of the conference 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Homecoming Day not definitely settled 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Senior class members start college annual; the Old Gold staff intend to make it the best book that has ever been put in this school 1 News /ni/1921/00000017.jpg
Cedar Valley district fair 2 News /ni/1921/00000018.jpg
The Y. W. C. A.--an important school activity 2 News /ni/1921/00000018.jpg
English Department 2 News /ni/1921/00000018.jpg
How to use the library 3 Feature /ni/1921/00000019.jpg
Editorially speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1921/00000020.jpg
Inquiring Reporter 4 Column /ni/1921/00000020.jpg
Student has enjoyable vacation at Lake Geneva 5 News /ni/1921/00000021.jpg
Training School News 5 Column /ni/1921/00000021.jpg
Study center work begins 5 News /ni/1921/00000021.jpg
Maude Knoop 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
"Y" Sunday evening meeting 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Miss Helen Murphy 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Consolidated school house 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Barnard Hall news 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Hulda D. Klein 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Miss Ida Ladiges 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Benjamin W. Robinson 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Harriet B. Santee 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Dr. Colegrove 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
William H. Berry 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Victor Peterson 6 News /ni/1921/00000022.jpg
Clawson Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000023.jpg
Bartlett Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000023.jpg
West Corridor 7 News /ni/1921/00000023.jpg
A word about Bates Hall 7 News /ni/1921/00000023.jpg
Harmony Hall echoes 7 News /ni/1921/00000023.jpg
C. Tracy Hodsdon 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Roger Wilson 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
John Sly 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Albert McKinstry 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Otis McCreary 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Macy Campbell 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Ruth Fabrick 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
John Glenn 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Myrna Ross 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
John Hawkins 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Doris Mullarky 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Robert Hearst 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg
Victor Peterson 8 News /ni/1921/00000024.jpg


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