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College Eye - Wednesday, September 20, 1922 (Volume 14, Number 14)

Headline Page Type
Men exclusively 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Letter from T. C. alumna 1 Letter /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Attendance 2070 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Memorial service 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
The team in the making; first game Sept. 30 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
How it looks 1 Cartoon /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
On holding a chair 1 Editorial /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
To think about 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Spiritual laws 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Election reports from classes 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
1200 attend mix 1 News /ni/1922/00000021.jpg
Inklings 2 Creative /ni/1922/00000022.jpg
A word from a friend to the men out for football 2 Letter /ni/1922/00000022.jpg
Students are invited 4 News /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
The large enrollment 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
Group pictures 4 News /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
Many men 4 News /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
Life's occupation 4 Creative /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
On general information 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
What is the matter with Teachers College? 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
To the Training School 4 Editorial /ni/1922/00000024.jpg
Aristos 5 News /ni/1922/00000025.jpg
The Homerians 5 News /ni/1922/00000025.jpg
C. S. A. A. 5 News /ni/1922/00000025.jpg
Y. W. C. A. tea 5 News /ni/1922/00000025.jpg
How to use the library 5 News /ni/1922/00000025.jpg
Miss Charlotte Heft 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Last Sunday, Carl Hansen 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Miss Ona Diedereck 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Jimmy James 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Roger Wilson 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Earl Stout 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Ella Cowlishaw 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Mr. Nyholm 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Bill and Bob Ernst 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Mr. Fred Cram 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Earl Whitford 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Over thirty members 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
The Misses Elizabeth Warttman and Altha Curtis 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Vesta Weaver 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Bob Cook 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
M. Victor Shore 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Less Hoon 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Paul Warttman 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Tammany Hall remnants 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Warren Dickenson 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Phi Omega Pi 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Miss Marie McNamara 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Training School news 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg
Miss Ruth Metcalf 8 News /ni/1922/00000028.jpg


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