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College Eye - Wednesday, September 21, 1921 (Volume 13, Number 4)

Headline Page Type
Association for women holds big afternoon tea; this was the first of its kind for this year 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
The Y. M. C. A. meeting 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Pageant to be presented 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Grids meet with Coe aggregation in opening game 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Idylls of the King; to Miss Bertha Martin reading 1 Feature /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Conference here for Iowa colleges last Saturday; it was for the purpose of deciding on athletic rules in the various games during the year 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Pep meeting 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Filipino student chosen president of senior class; upon taking the chair the class requested a speech from him 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
College schedules another football game 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Junior class meeting 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Successful mix for college men by association; after a good deal of mixing a splendid program was rendered 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
First meeting of English Club at Prof. Lynch's 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
An unknown artist 1 News /ni/1921/00000025.jpg
Mrs. Louise M. Traer attends Press Congress 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Tumble Inn 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Neo meeting 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Commercial Club 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Chance for women to debate 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Methodist mention 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Men's Glee Club 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Olympic Café changes hands 2 News /ni/1921/00000026.jpg
Bartlett Hall 3 News /ni/1921/00000027.jpg
Clawson Hall 3 News /ni/1921/00000027.jpg
Local 3 News /ni/1921/00000027.jpg
Inquiring Reporter 4 Column /ni/1921/00000028.jpg
Editorially speaking 4 Editorial /ni/1921/00000028.jpg
Study Center appointments 5 News /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Sociology Club 5 News /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Kindergarten 5 News /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Aristos 5 News /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Training School News; Y. W. C. A. reception in Training School 5 Column /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Ride the bus with the yellow border just below the windows 5 Advertisement /ni/1921/00000029.jpg
Knights Castle 6 News /ni/1921/00000030.jpg
Weir Hall 6 News /ni/1921/00000030.jpg
Barnard Hall News 6 News /ni/1921/00000030.jpg
"Shakes" 6 News /ni/1921/00000030.jpg
Thomsen Tintinabulation 7 News /ni/1921/00000031.jpg
Dewey Butterfield and Arnold C. Halbfass 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Edwin Brockman 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Clyde Brooks 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Adolf Kaltenbach 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Marietta Hostrup 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Thelma Hansen 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
John Ross Frampton 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Mrs. J. O. Perrine 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Delphian 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Ted Merner, Claude Wynegar, and Wayne Jewell 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Mildred Newton 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg
Chapter R 8 News /ni/1921/00000032.jpg

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