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College Eye - Wednesday, September 29, 1920 (Volume 12, Number 5)

Headline Page Type
Campaign opened by Republicans; Harold Christiansen club president 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Hon. Nate Kendall here Thursday 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Democrats notice! 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Rev. McLeod addressed Y meeting 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Y. M. membership drive on 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Frances Ingram here Wednesday 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Cedar Falls High wins 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Football season open; team stops famous Coe machine; entire game played in boiling heat 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Y. W. C. A. enjoys hike 1 News /ni/1920/00000041.jpg
Training School News 2 Column /ni/1920/00000042.jpg
Best pep meeting in years 2 News /ni/1920/00000042.jpg
Y. M. holds first mid-week meeting 2 News /ni/1920/00000042.jpg
Physical eds have picnic 2 News /ni/1920/00000042.jpg
Study Centers this week 2 News /ni/1920/00000042.jpg
Sidelights on Consolidation 3 News /ni/1920/00000043.jpg
Mr. Eells addresses administration club 3 News /ni/1920/00000043.jpg
New bulletin distributed 3 News /ni/1920/00000043.jpg
Editorially speaking; the teacher shortage 4 Editorial /ni/1920/00000044.jpg
Editorially speaking; students affected by new rates 4 Editorial /ni/1920/00000044.jpg
On using the library 4 News /ni/1920/00000044.jpg
More pictures for library 5 News /ni/1920/00000045.jpg
Will Teachers College have an annual this year? 5 News /ni/1920/00000045.jpg
Department of Education 5 News /ni/1920/00000045.jpg
Hudson initial community meet 5 News /ni/1920/00000045.jpg
Sioux Club reorganized 6 News /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
Pep Club organized 6 News /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
Raymond B. Leland 6 News /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
S. A. Cohagan 6 News /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
George W. Satterthwait 6 News /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
Salient features of the Philippine educational system 6 Feature /ni/1920/00000046.jpg
Extension division 7 News /ni/1920/00000047.jpg
Conference of normal training schools coming 7 News /ni/1920/00000047.jpg
New instructor in English 7 News /ni/1920/00000047.jpg
Teachers to seek place in cabinet; national association to make organized fight 7 News /ni/1920/00000047.jpg
Music notes 7 News /ni/1920/00000047.jpg
Alpha Society 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Philo 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Senior primary notes 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Junior primaries 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Natural science department 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
English Department 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Eulalian society 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Commercials begin operating 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Weir Hall news 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Chapman Hall news 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Ferguson Hall 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Wendell Strike 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Miss Vesta Rugg 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg
Clio 8 News /ni/1920/00000048.jpg

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