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Normal Eyte - Saturday, January 12, 1895 (Volume 4, Number 15)

Headline Page Type
The transit of Mercury 229 News /ni/1894/00000229.jpg
At the beginning of the last term 229 Editorial /ni/1894/00000229.jpg
Autobiography of a commonplace individual 230 Creative /ni/1894/00000230.jpg
There is a movement on foot 231 News /ni/1894/00000231.jpg
The last meeting of the M'Arey Natural History Association 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
Of the many 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
At the end of the fall term 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
Miss Hilda G. Lundeen 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
Miss Jessie Bradshaw 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
C. E. Locke 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
Those who speak 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
For a second time 232 News /ni/1894/00000232.jpg
The Hopkins School News 233 News /ni/1894/00000233.jpg
Miss Harriet Brooks Hartshorn 233 News /ni/1894/00000233.jpg
R. C. Adams 233 News /ni/1894/00000233.jpg
Y. W. & Y. M. C. A. 233 News /ni/1894/00000233.jpg
The tennis courts 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Ella D. Williams 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Marian J. Sweeney 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Irene Frisbie 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss McKeever and Miss Maime Button 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Lois Wilson 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Ray R. St. John 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Edith Waterman 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Howard Carlton Tripp 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Nettie Hartsell 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Carrie Miller 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Nelson Daughters 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Mamie Hearst 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Etta Brooks 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
After being absent for some time 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
After a few days sickness 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Mr. McKelvie 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Mark A. Replogle 234 News /ni/1894/00000234.jpg
Miss Etta Robinson 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Frank Butler 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Mr. C. A. Fullerton 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Miss Maude Humphrey 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Miss Nellie Johnson 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Among those present 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Among the visitors 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
The Orios 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
A very unique and interesting 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
Just as usual 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
On Tuesday morning 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
The Fourth Years 235 News /ni/1894/00000235.jpg
The usual spelling test 236 News /ni/1894/00000236.jpg
Shakespearean public 236 News /ni/1894/00000236.jpg
Visitors and members of the Orio Society 236 News /ni/1894/00000236.jpg

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