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Normal Eyte - Saturday, January 14, 1899 (Volume 8, Number 16)

Headline Page Type
A New Year's greeting 217 Editorial /ni/1898/00000243.jpg
Is it a fear of prominence 218 Editorial /ni/1898/00000244.jpg
We notice by the new Educational Directory 219 Editorial /ni/1898/00000245.jpg
Sunday services 219 News /ni/1898/00000245.jpg
Read our supplement which contains President Seerley's address 219 Editorial /ni/1898/00000245.jpg
The State Teachers Association 220 News /ni/1898/00000246.jpg
The museum has received a large number of plants 221 News /ni/1898/00000247.jpg
F. G. Miller 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Linnie Downs 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Ida Leydig 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Frances Barnett, '97, R. O. Peterson, '98, and Hallie Jennings 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
B. B. Welty 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
C. O. Jameson 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Addie Fellingham 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
J. E. Johnson 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Elizabeth Heaton, '97, and Lieut. Harry E. Whitney 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Alzada Mowry 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
J. H. Anderson 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Eulalia G. Bradway 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
O. P. McElmeel 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
A. L. Heminger 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
C. E. Buckley, '95, and Elizabeth McDowell 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Faith Whitaker 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Emma Lambert and Amy Arey 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Mary Bechly 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
J. P. Hugget 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Adah Snedicor 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
W. E. Salisbury 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Dr. Michael H. Thielen 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Walter W. Bell 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Jeannette Sloss 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Rodney M. Arey 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Married 222 News /ni/1898/00000248.jpg
Miss Bock 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Nora Lockwood 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
May Wright 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Fannie Mowry 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Louise Nelson 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Professor Wright 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Mr. Stockwell 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Mary D. Ballantyne 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Jean Marsh 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Mr. W. H. Rockefeller 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Miss Lillian Harrison 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Edward Quigley 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Frances Morton 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Miss Westgarth 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Mr. Timmerman 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Maud Kling 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg
Mr. Condit 223 News /ni/1898/00000249.jpg


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