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Normal Eyte - Saturday, October 15, 1904 (Volume 15, Number 6)

Headline Page Type
Passing of the chapel oration; progressive change made by English Department; new requirements, two society orations or equivalent in contest work 81 News /ni/1904/00000083.jpg
Mailboxes on the street cars--why not?; schedule of principal mail trains make present system of collection 'very' unsatisfactory; 81 News /ni/1904/00000083.jpg
The southeast campus 82 Photo /ni/1904/00000084.jpg
No wonder Ames and Iowa have the best football teams 82 News /ni/1904/00000084.jpg
Ladies societies will dip into oratory; movement on foot to arrange inter-society contests; would make fair sex dangerous competitors in home contest 83 News /ni/1904/00000085.jpg
Great chance to see art; traveling exhibit will be here next week 83 News /ni/1904/00000085.jpg
Madrigal Club concert; an appreciative audience listens to a well rendered program; soloists are favorites 83 News /ni/1904/00000085.jpg
Notes on music 84 Column /ni/1904/00000086.jpg
Training; the course of study--a review of the course quoted from "An Ideal School". 84 Column /ni/1904/00000086.jpg
Orrell Larrison 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
R. A. Elwood 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
M. Nervil Keeler 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
A. C. Fuller 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Edna Stone 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Lynne Barnum 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Anna Bernard 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Alta Green 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Laura A. Hoag 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Maude Eugenia Pattison 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
H. F. Volkmann 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Charlotte M. Davis 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Mary S. Arnold 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Bessie Forrester 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Chloris Anderson 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Announcement of the wedding 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Nellie Johnson 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Jessie Lee Bradshaw 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
C. E. Burton 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Ella C. Hartshorn 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Josephine Ullman 87 News /ni/1904/00000089.jpg
Nellie Hudson 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Good reports of the work of C. D. McClain 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Blanche McIntosh 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Luke Rhoades 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
J. Earnest Carmen 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Ida M. Fell 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Mary Feltus 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
J. P. Woodruff 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
G. L. Martin 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
John McPherson 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Mrs. F. D. McRae 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Ella Sandager 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Ethel Gerkin 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
Katie Putnam 88 News /ni/1904/00000090.jpg
College exchanges 89 Feature /ni/1904/00000091.jpg
Bible Study 90 News /ni/1904/00000092.jpg
Ames 17, Normal 0; heavy Aggies bruise their way through our line for three touchdowns; pedagogues hold cyclones to a small score, well earned 91 News /ni/1904/00000093.jpg
Normal seconds 0, Ellsworth 0; scrubs play Ellsworth a hard game; neither team able to push over for a touchdown 92 News /ni/1904/00000094.jpg
Women play tennis; second semi-annual tournament is now on 92 News /ni/1904/00000094.jpg
Laeta Koch 92 News /ni/1904/00000094.jpg


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