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Normal Eyte - Saturday, October 23, 1897 (Volume 7, Number 7)

Headline Page Type
On Friday, October 29 73 Editorial /ni/1897/00000073.jpg
The Ames debate is over 73 Editorial /ni/1897/00000073.jpg
Official News and Notes 74 News /ni/1897/00000074.jpg
The debate 75 News /ni/1897/00000075.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. 77 News /ni/1897/00000077.jpg
C. E. Stinson 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Lissa Jeffers 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Cards have been received 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Among the alumni 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
We regret 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
B. Dimmitt 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Mr. C. S. Beall 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Jessie E. Johnson 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Five of our alumni are teaching in Idaho 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Adell Andrews 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
G. W. Randlett 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
J. A. Wilson 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Favorable reports 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
A. G. De Hart 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Wilhelmine Hegner 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
The name of R. A. Elwood 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
A. O. Christopher 78 News /ni/1897/00000078.jpg
Athletic Department 79 News /ni/1897/00000079.jpg
Autumn days 80 Creative /ni/1897/00000080.jpg
Edna Poor and Lela Phelps 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Mr. Bender 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
L. B. Swaggart and Mr. Dority 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Jason and Fannie Mowry 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Jennie Curtis and Miss Call 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Prof. Loughridge 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Mabel Montgomery 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
It is reported that Frank Foulk 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
A number of new books 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Jas. R. Vaughn and Bertha Edwards 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Jo Hansen 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Chas. Meyerholz 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Sue Smith 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Miss Lydia Keep 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Clara and Ed Kyler 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Claude Cass and Kittie Townsend 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
W. W. Coates 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Robert Martin 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Eva Saucer 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
On Wednesday 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Miss Schell 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Martha Duxbury 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Miss Tracy 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
V. R. Eggleson 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Grace Wells 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg
Mabel Hanson 81 News /ni/1897/00000081.jpg


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