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Normal Eyte - Tuesday, November 1, 1892 (Volume 2, Number 8)

Headline Page Type
Pike's Peak or bust 59 Editorial /ni/1892/00000059.jpg
Alumni and fellow students, lend us your ears! 60 Editorial /ni/1892/00000060.jpg
Numerous college papers complain of disinterestedness 61 Editorial /ni/1892/00000061.jpg
Several of the S. N. S. instructors figure prominently 61 News /ni/1892/00000061.jpg
On and after October 20, 1892 61 News /ni/1892/00000061.jpg
O, when the Normalites scatter to East and to West 61 Creative /ni/1892/00000061.jpg
Cranky Croaks 62 Editorial /ni/1892/00000062.jpg
The following notice concerning Miss Ella Boland 62 News /ni/1892/00000062.jpg
President Seerley 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Miss Bertha Pratt 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Miss Cora Spargur 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
C. Ray Aurner 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Mr. E. E. Harrison 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Miss Kate Overfelt 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
La Porte City 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Mr. Bruce Francis 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
The usual Wednesday 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Miss May Loonan 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
The meeting of the Y. W. C. A. 63 News /ni/1892/00000063.jpg
Clark Satterly 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
We are wondering where that bridge is located 64 Editorial /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Jessie Orr 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss M. Baker 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Ivah Blank 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Wanted--By a fourth year cadet 64 Advertisement /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Jennie Wilson 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Stella Harding 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Helen St. John 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Ora Wesche 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
What caused Mr. Draper to lay aside the pride of his youth 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Professor Wright 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Last Wednesday 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
The Aristos 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Maude Humphrey and Dollothea Olmstead 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Mary Wilson and Silas Elderkin 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Matie Steimel 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Miss Florence Thompson 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
T. S. Metcalf 64 News /ni/1892/00000064.jpg
Our library is in need of further shelving 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
The battery boys got out the sounder 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Miss Florence Mack 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Some new sidewalk has been put down 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Miss Maude Miller 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Harry H. Deal and Miss Lulu McKim 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Leslie Comstock 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Walter Whitcomb 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
Miss Margaret Baker, professor of elocution, and Miss Harriet Cunningham 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
The tennis court has been the scene 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
A senior left his books in South Hall 65 Editorial /ni/1892/00000065.jpg
A number of students 65 News /ni/1892/00000065.jpg


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