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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, November 16, 1910 (Volume 21, Number 11)

Headline Page Type
Editorial 179 Editorial /ni/1910/00000333.jpg
Official Notes 180 Column /ni/1910/00000334.jpg
The rooting 180 Editorial /ni/1910/00000334.jpg
Miss Luella Mangold 181 News /ni/1910/00000335.jpg
Professor John Barnes; coach of I. S. T. C. debating teams 182 Photo /ni/1910/00000336.jpg
I. S. T. C. wins and loses; Farmers and Teachers each win on the home floor; however, I. S. T. C. score four points to Ames' two. 182 News /ni/1910/00000336.jpg
Athletic Notes; Grinnell wins by score of 24 to 6; Sherman stars for the visitors; Frye and Anderson are starts for the Teachers 184 News /ni/1910/00000338.jpg
The debate at Ames 186 News /ni/1910/00000340.jpg
Miss Elsie Morrice 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
C. E. Locke 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
Mrs. Fred Wright 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
Mabel Gabrielson 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
Mrs. Maud Long Steele 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
R. W. Scott 187 News /ni/1910/00000341.jpg
Ethelyn Dewey 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
G. W. Weber 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Carrie L. Neidy 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Ernest Walker 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Earle Smith 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
E. J. Feuling 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Muriel Draper 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
W. A. Ottilie 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
T. H. Stuart 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
E. C. Wissler 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Bessie Buchanan 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Ethel Standley 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Grace Aitchison 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Mary E. Riley 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
J. P. Johnson 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Anna Kolb 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Robert Dick 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Agnes Emerson 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Charles Simmers 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
A. L. Mathews 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Edith Fletcher 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
A. V. Graeber 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
T. T. Cranny 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
C. J. Schmitt 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Hortense Meier 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Mabel A. Paull 188 News /ni/1910/00000342.jpg
Charles Roadman 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Mrs. Minnie Babcock 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Rollo M. Newcomb 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Eva Williams 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Hortense Meier 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Edith J. Bailey 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Maud Bozarth 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Effie S. Madson 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
First number in lecture course; great musical will open 1910-1911 lecture session 189 News /ni/1910/00000343.jpg
Bible Study Department of the Y. M. and Y. W. Christian Associations; lessons prepared by C. P. Colegrove 190 Feature /ni/1910/00000344.jpg


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