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Normal Eyte - Saturday, November 21, 1896 (Volume 6, Number 11)

Headline Page Type
Owing to some misunderstanding 121 Editorial /ni/1896/00000121.jpg
In view of the fact that a season of thanksgiving 121 Editorial /ni/1896/00000121.jpg
The musical treat 122 News /ni/1896/00000122.jpg
Honorable Henry Sabin 122 News /ni/1896/00000122.jpg
State Normal reunion 122 News /ni/1896/00000122.jpg
The State Teachers Association 122 News /ni/1896/00000122.jpg
A very enjoyable affair occurred 123 News /ni/1896/00000123.jpg
Sixty Normalites' names appear 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Among the prominent principals 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Mr. Silas Elderkin 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
The schools at Bancroft, Iowa 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Josie Barker 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
William A. Bartlett 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Ida Sala 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Mr. Geo. M. Langeteig 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Emma J. Randall 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Mr. Julian W. Case 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Mr. A. F. Ewers 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Lavinia Marsh 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Ethel A. Burns and Miss May Adams 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Maude Landis 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Rose Mintier 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
The marriage of Miss Bertha M. Crary 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Mr. J. R. Beeman 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Miss Mary A. Crew 124 News /ni/1896/00000124.jpg
Y. M. & Y. W. C. A. 125 News /ni/1896/00000125.jpg
Athletic Department 126 News /ni/1896/00000126.jpg
The Thanksgiving proclamation 127 News /ni/1896/00000127.jpg
Miss Erma Carpenter 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Miss Sheean 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
The Orio Quartette 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Silas Elderkin 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Mr. Boyle 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Leslie Chapman 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Lyman and Carlton Bedford 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Tinchnell 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
The Cottage Literary Society 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Professor Page's mother 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Sickness 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Miss Walker 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Nina Fiscus 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Miss Ella Waters 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
The visiting committee of the Board 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
J. P. Lund 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Miss Julia Lawrence 128 News /ni/1896/00000128.jpg
Miss Lina Moore 129 News /ni/1896/00000129.jpg
John Wilson 129 News /ni/1896/00000129.jpg
Let every girl appear in her new suit 129 News /ni/1896/00000129.jpg
The girls grow more and more enthusiastic 129 News /ni/1896/00000129.jpg
Students will do well 129 News /ni/1896/00000129.jpg


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