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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, November 4, 1908 (Volume 19, Number 9)

Headline Page Type
Untitled 129 Editorial /ni/1908/00000129.jpg
Untitled 129 Editorial /ni/1908/00000129.jpg
Normal defeats Ellsworth; wins game by straight football tactics- Ellsworth Crosses goal- 18-5 129 News /ni/1908/00000129.jpg
Russian is heard; Count Lochwitzky delivers a message enlivened by personal experience--exiled to Saghalein 131 News /ni/1908/00000131.jpg
Halloween Party; seniors hold their first social function. All things weird and uncanny are combined 132 News /ni/1908/00000132.jpg
Official; the proposed new school laws 133 News /ni/1908/00000133.jpg
Oberlin college has decided 133 News /ni/1908/00000133.jpg
The senior class 134 News /ni/1908/00000134.jpg
Letters received 134 News /ni/1908/00000134.jpg
Professor S. K. Tompkins 134 News /ni/1908/00000134.jpg
Miss Elizabeth Hughes 134 News /ni/1908/00000134.jpg
Professional; elements of liberal education as found in travel 135 News /ni/1908/00000135.jpg
Mary L. Jensen 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
The alumni 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
John L. Cherny 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
We find the name of C. L. Love 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
Miss Ellen J. Wing 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
W. H. Bender 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
E. C. Roberts 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
The following item 138 News /ni/1908/00000138.jpg
The local Normal school association 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
Warren E. Proctor 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
James T. Ehret 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
C. W. Lyons 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
John McPherson 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
Des Moines 139 News /ni/1908/00000139.jpg
Mabel Whitney 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Jessie Stuart 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Mazie Parsons 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
June Winter 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Nina Richardson 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Mary Caster 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Fred Rausch 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Bess Chase 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Miss Stella Speke 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
D. O. Wilson '07, and Verne Orr 140 News /ni/1908/00000140.jpg
Miss Aitchison's advanced class 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
A number of friends 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
"Doc" Cutler 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
Chas. Cotton 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
George Harris 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
The Cedar Falls high school 141 News /ni/1908/00000141.jpg
Society; Ossoli, Neo (life of a Gypsy) 142 Column /ni/1908/00000142.jpg
From our exchange 144 News /ni/1908/00000144.jpg
Coming events 144 News /ni/1908/00000144.jpg

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