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Normal Eyte - Saturday, November 5, 1898 (Volume 8, Number 9)

Headline Page Type
It is the prevailing idea 119 Editorial /ni/1898/00000131.jpg
Why do not Coe, Cornell, and Wesleyan Colleges 120 Editorial /ni/1898/00000132.jpg
Victory! Our school too much for Iowa State College and State University 120 News /ni/1898/00000132.jpg
A musical treat 121 Review /ni/1898/00000133.jpg
Minnie Quist 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
The Normal is represented 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
E. E. Amsden 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
C. J. Burrell 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Daniel Rhodes 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
J. T. Fackler 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
James Alderson 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Mary Bechly 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
The Akron schools 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Alice E. Wright 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Alma Evans 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
B. Dimmitt 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Erma J. Carpenter 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
E. P. Bettenga 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Excellent reports 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Bessie Hall 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Frances Stewart 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Arthur Franklin 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Rose Mintier 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
W. J. Ford 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Helen Clute 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
J. C. Prall 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
J. L. McLaughlin 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
C. E. Blodgett 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
L. B. Swaggart 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Elizabeth Kearville 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Harry Stein 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Three of our alumni 122 News /ni/1898/00000134.jpg
Bertha Montgomery 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Rownd Hall 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Bernard J. McNally 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Edwin Everett 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Ida Wilson 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Bley Hall 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Claude Jarnagin 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Ed Hollis 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Hattie Perkins 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
H. A. Schmitt 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Mrs. Arey 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Mr. Arey's residence 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Lida Crandall 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Percy Clark 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Miss Garland 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Kathryn Frederick 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Mr. Baldwin 123 News /ni/1898/00000135.jpg
Eighmey Hall 124 News /ni/1898/00000136.jpg


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