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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, December 12, 1906 (Volume 17, Number 13)

Headline Page Type
Zeta society wins: Clara Tolstrup captures McClenahan prize 193 News /ni/1906/00000193.jpg
Fifty-second annual session of the Iowa state teachers' association 194 News /ni/1906/00000194.jpg
Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers 195 News /ni/1906/00000195.jpg
Manual training notes 197 News /ni/1906/00000197.jpg
Lecture course 197 News /ni/1906/00000197.jpg
Professional: waste in Iowa school rooms XIII 198 Column /ni/1906/00000198.jpg
Bible Studies 200 Column /ni/1906/00000200.jpg
Arthur A. Smith 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
J. T. Fackler 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
Iowa Chase 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
W. T. Davidson 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
Robert Fullerton 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
J. E. Vance 201 News /ni/1906/00000201.jpg
Mrs. Carlton Bedford 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Don Campbell 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Harriet M. Pollock 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
A wedding of interest to alumni 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Hallie Jennings 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Grace (Jeffers) Buckmaster 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Chas. S. Cobb 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Benjamin Quigley 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Daisy Howe 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Emma Secor 202 News /ni/1906/00000202.jpg
Grace Kettleson 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Florence D. Beebe 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Mabel Parish 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Miss Alice Curtis 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Mary A. Faint 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Geo. H. Olmstead 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Ruth Gist 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Society 203 Column /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Irma Keene 203 News /ni/1906/00000203.jpg
Margaret Burkhart 205 News /ni/1906/00000205.jpg
Zoe Deo 205 News /ni/1906/00000205.jpg
Miss Buck 205 News /ni/1906/00000205.jpg
Prof. Hersey 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Miss Julia Piersol 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Prof. and Mrs. E. J. Cable 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
May Davis, Vera Gardner, and Hazel Davy 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Nina Carhart 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
After the oratorical contest on Friday 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Grace Ott 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Prof. and Mrs. I. S. Condit 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Ruth and Nathan Gist 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Prof. D. S. Wright 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Olive Holmes 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Miss Plock 206 News /ni/1906/00000206.jpg
Jay Farnham 207 News /ni/1906/00000207.jpg
Edith Ehret and Mabel Mastain 207 News /ni/1906/00000207.jpg
Nellie Newton 207 News /ni/1906/00000207.jpg


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