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Normal Eyte - Saturday, February 15, 1902 (Volume 12, Number 20)

Headline Page Type
H. W. Scallon 312 News /ni/1901/00000312.jpg
Lena Bedenbender 312 News /ni/1901/00000312.jpg
Jessie L. Cunning 312 News /ni/1901/00000312.jpg
Emma S. Yule 312 News /ni/1901/00000312.jpg
Jennie E. Wier 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
A party of young folks 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
Chas. W. Cavett 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
Miss Francis Barnett 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
May Canfield 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
Harold Scott 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
Carrie A. Barnes 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
One of the pleasant features 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
A number of alumni 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
W. R. Sandy 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
Mollie (Schmid) Stitser 313 News /ni/1901/00000313.jpg
The return of Miss Goodwin 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Alice Edwards 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Cecilia Anderson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Paul Samson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Bessie Spillane 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Nellie Worcester 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
W. S. Yeager 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Carl E. Axtell 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
E. J. Van Ness 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Mina Ogden 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Pres. Seerley and Mr. Leavitt 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Agatha Watts and Almeda Stewart 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Mrs. Wilson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Maude Weatherwax 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
John McPherson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Miss Thornton 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
John Fellingham 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Jean Johnson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
George Cleveland 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Mrs. Wilson 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
The amount of sickness 314 News /ni/1901/00000314.jpg
Chas. Christiansen 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Extra copies of the Eyte 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Bessie Forrester 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Senator Allyn and his sister 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Mr. Hibbard 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Miss Agnes Wallace 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
The Cottage Reading Circle 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Miss Carpenter 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
A rare opportunity 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
The following students have gone home 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
Three of the Porter Hall girls 315 News /ni/1901/00000315.jpg
The sacred concert 316 News /ni/1901/00000316.jpg
The following are the rooms which have been assigned 316 News /ni/1901/00000316.jpg
Below is a list 316 News /ni/1901/00000316.jpg


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