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Normal Eyte - Saturday, February 25, 1899 (Volume 8, Number 22)

Headline Page Type
Our school is to be complimented 301 Editorial /ni/1898/00000339.jpg
We have often made mention 301 Editorial /ni/1898/00000339.jpg
Mr. McReynolds 302 Editorial /ni/1898/00000340.jpg
Our contest 303 News /ni/1898/00000341.jpg
The uncrowned king of England 305 Creative /ni/1898/00000343.jpg
The Board of Trustees 307 News /ni/1898/00000345.jpg
The spring term program 307 News /ni/1898/00000345.jpg
The next spring term 307 News /ni/1898/00000345.jpg
The work of the faculty is yearly growing more complicated 307 News /ni/1898/00000345.jpg
The Southeastern Iowa Teachers Association 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
The Cedar Falls and Normal Electric Street Car Company 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Mrs. L. S. Cass 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Mrs. John Fellingham 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Florence Mack 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Fannie Laird 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Minnie Goude 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Edith Roberts 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
J. O. Johnson 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
W. T. Davidson 308 News /ni/1898/00000346.jpg
Hal Washburn 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
J. F. Kuppinger 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
W. H. Kiefer 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Clara Barr 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Ethel Furrow 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Maude Virden 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
M. M. McElhinney 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
We were glad to welcome 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Miss Satterthwait 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Zoe Cornell 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Lenoir Harmon and Elsie Kay 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Maude Burrell 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
The little son of J. E. Forsyth 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
A. G. Bowie 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Ethel White 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Miss Rose 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Carrie Eustis 309 News /ni/1898/00000347.jpg
Miss Holzer and Mrs. Wilson 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
President Seerley 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
A new counter has been added 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Professor Fullerton 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Sadie Gleason 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
J. D. Rose, G. A. Simms, and Nora Cotter 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Artie Bentley 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
The young ladies of the YWCA cabinet 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Mae Butler 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
The Minnesingers 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Alice Munger 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Amy Ellenwood 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Miss Simmons 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg
Mr. Townsend and Mr. Montgomery 310 News /ni/1898/00000348.jpg


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