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Normal Eyte - Saturday, March 19, 1904 (Volume 14, Number 25)

Headline Page Type
New collegiate course 385 Editorial /ni/1903/00000399.jpg
Our coming appropriation; the law makers will give us all we ask 385 Editorial /ni/1903/00000399.jpg
Where the Normalites live 386 Editorial /ni/1903/00000400.jpg
Prof. Colegrove 387 News /ni/1903/00000401.jpg
If you see a gang of twenty or thirty wild looking men 387 News /ni/1903/00000401.jpg
The triangular debaters 387 News /ni/1903/00000401.jpg
That prize song 387 News /ni/1903/00000401.jpg
Training 388 Column /ni/1903/00000402.jpg
Harry Heath 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Friends of Walter W. and R. L. Wilson 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
B. J. Lambert 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Blanche McIntosh 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
R. D. Barr 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Margaret Stevenson 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Mr. Melville G. Grimes 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Earl B. Rogers 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Edna Windolf 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
J. W. Ellingson 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Arthur G. Morey 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
R. H. Minkel 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Wm. W. Bartine 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
The teacher of the first primary department 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Fannie Dunlavy 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Ella F. Williams 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
C. J. Lambert 390 News /ni/1903/00000404.jpg
Dr. F. A. Lacey 391 News /ni/1903/00000405.jpg
Thos. E. Hawk 391 News /ni/1903/00000405.jpg
T. M. Prall 391 News /ni/1903/00000405.jpg
We copy from the Chicago Record-Herald 391 News /ni/1903/00000405.jpg
Interstate track meet; five states to compete at Cedar Falls 392 News /ni/1903/00000406.jpg
Edith Alderman 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Mrs. Stover 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Nina Walker 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Alpha 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Frank Reno 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Warren Panton's friends 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Myrta Lyon 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
The acquaintances of Will Yeager 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Josie Howe 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Leo Ranney 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
John Wilson 393 News /ni/1903/00000407.jpg
Shakes 394 News /ni/1903/00000408.jpg
A concert 394 News /ni/1903/00000408.jpg
This is not "dope" 395 News /ni/1903/00000409.jpg
School Management 395 Column /ni/1903/00000409.jpg
Rally! 396 News /ni/1903/00000410.jpg
Bible Study 397 Column /ni/1903/00000411.jpg
Frances Pruitt 398 News /ni/1903/00000412.jpg
Mrs. W. W. Gist 398 News /ni/1903/00000412.jpg
Fraternities; are they a benefit? 398 Editorial /ni/1903/00000412.jpg


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