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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, April 20, 1910 (Volume 20, Number 29)

Headline Page Type
Official 475 News /ni/1909/00000485.jpg
Editorial 475 Editorial /ni/1909/00000485.jpg
Banquet was enjoyed; Teachers College club banquet proved great success; many alumni present 476 News /ni/1909/00000486.jpg
School is visited; local Y. W. C. A. is visited and addressed by prominent secretaries 477 News /ni/1909/00000487.jpg
Colegrove goes to Harvard 478 News /ni/1909/00000488.jpg
College attendance increased; William E. Curtis writes in Record-Herald on great increase in college attendance 478 News /ni/1909/00000488.jpg
Mathematics discussed; Professors Condit and Seals tell of correlation of mathematics 479 News /ni/1909/00000489.jpg
Perrine accepts principalship; substitute instructor in physics will teach in Cedar Falls next year 481 News /ni/1909/00000491.jpg
Fine talk given; Rev. Haynes gives stimulating talk; opposes too many electives 481 News /ni/1909/00000491.jpg
Studies in Organization and Teaching 482 Column /ni/1909/00000492.jpg
The faculty and students 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mr. A. T. Barrett 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mr. Howard Houston 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Freda Helwig 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Grover Alderman 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Ward 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
The Misses Ruth Brenner, Florence Curtis 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Ruth Berger 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Hazel Turner's mother 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Ruth Phillips 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Supt. S. R. Fritz 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mrs. Faye Samson 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Hannah Pollock 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mrs. Murray 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Lucile Cole 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mrs. F. Smith 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mr. Arthur Basham 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Mr. J. S. Stronks 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Grace Strain 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Falkler 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Olander 484 News /ni/1909/00000494.jpg
Miss Esther Seerley 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Mr. Allison B. Brown 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Mrs. L. W. Parish 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Miss Anna Pulver 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Mrs. C. H. Baldwin 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Prof. Robert Fullerton 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
The Minnesingers 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Mr. E. C. Cummins and daughter 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Charming in every detail 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
The Misses Catherine Strike, Lillian Kramer 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Evelyn Hansen 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Miss Flora Roberts 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Miss Gertrude Hansen 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
The Misses Elizabeth Harrison and Clara Sutter 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Miss Naomi Fletcher 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
This afternoon 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Mr. E. Norton 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Helen Seerley 485 News /ni/1909/00000495.jpg
Cliorios are entertained 486 News /ni/1909/00000496.jpg


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