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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, April 5, 1905 (Volume 15, Number 26)

Headline Page Type
Kansas preliminary debate; C. O. Ruggles, J. Foy Cross, and Ed Haas to meet the sunflowers--A. N. Wray, alternate 401 News /ni/1904/00000405.jpg
A student's political status 401 News /ni/1904/00000405.jpg
Physical training 402 Editorial /ni/1904/00000406.jpg
All those who were fortunate enough to see the production of Robin Hood 403 News /ni/1904/00000407.jpg
Music festivals 403 Feature /ni/1904/00000407.jpg
R. R. Stuart 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Lenore Porter 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
P. A. Long 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Ralph W. Christie 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Lola Britton 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Kate McDonald 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Don Campbell 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Erie Collins 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
E. A. Brinton 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Vacation has given Roy Hoats 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
F. O. Smith 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Floy Bennett 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Bess Streeter 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Blanche Le Valley 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Hubert Scallon 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Jas. W. Rowell 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
G. C. Hoyt 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Elmer Charlson 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
W. J. Bock 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Flora Galt 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Spring vacation 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Franc Mills 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Margaret Allie (Tobin) Pratt 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Laura Cajacob 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Gertrude Jaklin 404 News /ni/1904/00000408.jpg
Morton G. Weldy 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Supt. G. S. Dick 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Edna Stone 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Jennie W. Sheean 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Bella Hostetter 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
J. W. Atchley 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Nellie Dority 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Blanche McIntosh 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Nora L. Huddy 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Ruth Marsh 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Chas. W. Roadman 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Sunday morning 405 News /ni/1904/00000409.jpg
Training; technical English grammar teaching 406 News /ni/1904/00000410.jpg
College Exchanges 408 Feature /ni/1904/00000412.jpg
Report for the Y. W. C. A. 1904-1905 410 News /ni/1904/00000414.jpg
Mrs. Anna Groff-Bryant lecture 412 News /ni/1904/00000416.jpg
Neo 412 News /ni/1904/00000416.jpg
Zeta 412 News /ni/1904/00000416.jpg
Chresto 412 News /ni/1904/00000416.jpg
Messrs. Page and Patterson 413 News /ni/1904/00000417.jpg


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