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Normal Eyte - Saturday, May 18, 1895 (Volume 4, Number 32)

Headline Page Type
Commencement number 501 News /ni/1894/00000501.jpg
Alpha-Philo public 501 News /ni/1894/00000501.jpg
The annual field day 501 News /ni/1894/00000501.jpg
In the realms of the imagination 502 Creative /ni/1894/00000502.jpg
Y. W. & Y. M. C. A. 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Miss Etta Robinson 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Miss Mary Stever 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
The many friends of Frank G. Miller 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Mr. Miller's place at Parkersburg 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
We hear flattering reports 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Miss Alice Rhine 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
The Eyte is glad 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
E. B. Williams 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Miss Maggie Mitchell 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
E. J. Turner 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Miss Lulu Newcomb 504 News /ni/1894/00000504.jpg
Mr. John Cameron 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
The band 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
Tennis is much played again 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
Miss Ruth Colt 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
S. B. Stonerook 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
W. H. Bender 505 News /ni/1894/00000505.jpg
Another of the former Normalites 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Hayes 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Norma Butterfield 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Messrs. J. W. Satterthwait and E. R. Moore 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. Theodore Anderson 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. Charles F. Ensign and his sister Nellie 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
The newly elected officers 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Kate Wilde 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mrs. S. L. Ingham 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Ida Worster 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. H. A. Mueller 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. Kidd 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Tillie Johnson 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
After spending two weeks in Iowa City 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Grace McNeil 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Miss Mary Fenner 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Seats for the ladies 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Among the latest to report positions 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. E. W. Richards 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Mr. A. J. Miller 506 News /ni/1894/00000506.jpg
Painters are abroad in the land 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
The newly installed Clio officers 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
The following is a statement 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
One glance towards McAlvin Hall 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
The usual mid-term society election 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
To the already long list of new society officers 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
They say that all things decay 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg
Our field day is at hand 507 News /ni/1894/00000507.jpg


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