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Normal Eyte - Saturday, May 21, 1904 (Volume 14, Number 33)

Headline Page Type
A teacher's union; the pedagogs of southern Iowa will attempt to advance salaries 521 Editorial /ni/1903/00000553.jpg
Triangular debate; Philos, 4; Orios, 4; Aristo, 1 521 News /ni/1903/00000553.jpg
June festival of music 522 News /ni/1903/00000554.jpg
The biggest crowd 522 News /ni/1903/00000554.jpg
With such an experience baseball fan 522 News /ni/1903/00000554.jpg
Illinois was subdued; after the ball game they took life more seriously 523 News /ni/1903/00000555.jpg
On the diamond; other schools have been doing things to our ball team 523 News /ni/1903/00000555.jpg
Coe is vanquished; the dual meet won by Normal by a margin of 14 points 524 News /ni/1903/00000556.jpg
Edith Bailey 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Miss Etta E. Brown 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Sara Riggs, Jennie Sheean, and Miss Knudsen 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Good reports 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Olive (Taubman) Jewell 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
After a successful experience of two years at Ireton 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
G. F. Eckhard 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Miss Margaret Roan 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Bertha Aarvig 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
A particularly sad death 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Miss Anna Reedy 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Miss Jennie Foglesong 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Maud Mow 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
Mrs. Edna Wray Simpson 525 News /ni/1903/00000557.jpg
H. E. Blackmar 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
Walter S. Mitchell 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
The Lorimor schools 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
Jennie Speer 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
Maud Lane 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
Tressa Waldo 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
The following article 526 News /ni/1903/00000558.jpg
Aristo 527 News /ni/1903/00000559.jpg
Chresto 527 News /ni/1903/00000559.jpg
Zeta 528 News /ni/1903/00000560.jpg
Germania 528 News /ni/1903/00000560.jpg
Clio 528 News /ni/1903/00000560.jpg
Ross M. Bickford 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
Many of Normal's former athletes 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
The pupils of Miss Curtiss and Miss Childs 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
Glenn M. Zerbe 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
Mrs. H. H. Seerley 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
In honor of Miss Grace Paulger 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
Miss Mabel McNally 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
After seven weeks of suffering 529 News /ni/1903/00000561.jpg
Mr. Veatch's gallery 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
Macy and Don Campbell 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
There have been many April showers 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
Mrs. Frank Watson 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
Emil Tostlebe 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
J. N. Streff 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
Edith and Clara Hazlett 530 News /ni/1903/00000562.jpg
Notes On Music 531 Column /ni/1903/00000563.jpg


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