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Normal Eyte - Saturday, May 4, 1895 (Volume 4, Number 30)

Headline Page Type
Arbor Day was appropriately observed 469 News /ni/1894/00000469.jpg
Some young gentleman 470 Creative /ni/1894/00000470.jpg
Y. W. & Y. M. C. A. 471 News /ni/1894/00000471.jpg
The above is a cut 472 News /ni/1894/00000472.jpg
Miss Grace Flint 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Bertha Wyant 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Isabelle Fields 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Kittie Howard 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Mr. E. B. Brown 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Josie Bedford 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Mary H. Crew and Della Northey 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
After several days illness 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Emma L. Evans 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Emily Rodney 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Geo. M. Langeteig 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Albert Ewers 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
James Alderson 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Mr. Warren D. Townsend 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Lucy Wood 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Lillian M. Andrews 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Katharine Armbruster 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Dora A. King 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Alice Blake 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
D. K. Bond 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Mr. Wm. Maxey 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Maude Stinson 473 News /ni/1894/00000473.jpg
Miss Emma Bradley 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss Mary Brannan 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Seventeen of the I. S. N. S. boys 474 Advertisement /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Mr. Veatch 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Prof. D. Sands Wright 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss Mollie Rock 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Misses Edith Waterman and Lawrence 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss Mary Stuart 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Mr. Mack 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss May Brown 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Mr. Geo. I. Miller 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
After his having had a few days vacation 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Misses King and Suplee 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Mr. C. A. Frederick 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss Lena Ripley 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Mesdames Seerley, Arey, Loughridge, and Patterson 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Don't forget the ball game 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Messrs. A. F. Burton and G. H. Olmsted 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Excavating for Miss Baker's cottage 474 News /ni/1894/00000474.jpg
Miss Jessie Andrew 475 News /ni/1894/00000475.jpg
Walter Bell 475 News /ni/1894/00000475.jpg
Mr. E. W. Richards 475 News /ni/1894/00000475.jpg
Miss Shirley Maxwell 475 News /ni/1894/00000475.jpg
Those who knew Miss Mame Gilchrist 475 News /ni/1894/00000475.jpg


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