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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, May 4, 1910 (Volume 20, Number 31)

Headline Page Type
Editorial 507 Editorial /ni/1909/00000517.jpg
Official 508 News /ni/1909/00000518.jpg
Contest on Friday; annual interstate oratorical occurs at Oshkosh, Wis.; Miss Dryden represents school 509 News /ni/1909/00000519.jpg
Annual meeting planned; Iowa Association of Home Economics will meet at Cedar Falls on May 13th and 14th 510 News /ni/1909/00000520.jpg
Campaign is commenced; Normal Eyte staff for 1910-1911 commences work for subscribers; editor Davis tells plans 511 News /ni/1909/00000521.jpg
Studies in Organization and Teaching 512 Column /ni/1909/00000522.jpg
Zetalethean society 514 News /ni/1909/00000524.jpg
Miss Clara Olson 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Mrs. Charles F. Shipman 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Fannie Gannon 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Miss Lida Diehl 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Messrs. Morton Kingsley and Frank Munger 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Molly Feil 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Mrs. C. W. Tyrrell 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Miss Neva Wilson 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
President H. H. Seerley and Prof. Bender 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Among the students 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
A large company of girls 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Miss Myrtle Gabriel 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Miss Winifred Muhs 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
The Junior Primary Department 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Last Saturday morning 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
Prof. and Mrs. G. S. Dick and Prof. and Mrs. J. B. Knoepfler 515 News /ni/1909/00000525.jpg
The June class 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Mr. McGeeney 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Taken from the Rockford Register 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Mrs. L. W. Parish and daughter 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Miss Martin 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Miss Harriett Manful 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
The friends of Miss Mae Bates 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Rev. Nathan Gist 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
The Misses Fargo and Mastain 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
The Misses Genevieve Edwards and Gertrude Tyrrell 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Barbara Drinkle 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Mrs. Samuel Williams 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
The Chresto Society 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Miss Ward 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Prof. S. K. Tompkins 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Opportunity knocks 516 News /ni/1909/00000526.jpg
Mrs. Walker 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Miss Fesenbeck 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Miss McGovern 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Messrs. William Harberts and Benjamin Kaufman 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
The Misses Molly Feil and Kathryn Heddens 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Prof. G. W. Samson 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
The Misses Myra and Joyce Downs 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Mrs. A. Avery and Miss Stewart 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
Miss Grace Aitchison 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
The home meet was good 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg
The Science Club 517 News /ni/1909/00000527.jpg


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