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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, June 1, 1910 (Volume 20, Number 35)

Headline Page Type
Editorial 575 Editorial /ni/1909/00000585.jpg
Annuals are sold; 1910 Old Gold proves to be fine edition; subscribers are well pleased 576 News /ni/1909/00000586.jpg
Special program given; Professor M. F. Arey gives address on Memorial Day to students and old soldiers 577 News /ni/1909/00000587.jpg
College editors meet; College Press Association of Iowa holds semi-annual banquet at Des Moines 578 News /ni/1909/00000588.jpg
Music and the May Festival; connection between good music and the festival is discussed by member of musical faculty 579 News /ni/1909/00000589.jpg
Board meeting occurs; important resolution passed; debating helped; actions not made public 581 News
Many graduation events; Commencement week is filled with many events; alumni program is interesting 582 News /ni/1909/00000592.jpg
Studies in Organization and Teaching; XXVII, departmental instruction in the grades 583 Column /ni/1909/00000593.jpg
Zetalethean 585 News /ni/1909/00000595.jpg
Neotrophian 585 News /ni/1909/00000595.jpg
Mrs. A. H. Wallace 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Mr. R. M. McKitrick 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Miss Anna Gertrude Childs 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Miss Gertrude Lucas 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Professor and Mrs. W. H. Bender 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Miss Bernice Overman 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
The Misses Gertrude Jennings and Ethel McCrosky 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Miss Ward entertained 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Flora McCarn 586 News /ni/1909/00000596.jpg
Misses Margery and Marguerite Marsh 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Messrs, H. J. and J. E. Fullerton 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Lura Madson 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Miss Mary Salisbury 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Miss Nan Baldwin 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Fay Walpole 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Roy Hoats 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
On Saturday of last week 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mr. Waltham Morrison 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mr. John G. Caltron 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
The Mesdames Wagner and Charles 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Miss Emma Foster 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mr. Henri Paul 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Sydner Maiden 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Last Thursday morning 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Miss Bertha Elgin 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
The Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. prayer meeting 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Fred Mitchell 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Messrs. Hill and Zink 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
The Misses Harrison and Sutter 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Prof. E. W. Stanton 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mrs. C. V. Hull 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Miss Carrie Patton 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Purdy 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mrs. E. L. Farrington 587 News /ni/1909/00000597.jpg
Mrs. Darling 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg
The second game 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg
Miss Ethel Dryden 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg
Last Saturday evening 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg
Rose Smith 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg
Among the old students 588 News /ni/1909/00000598.jpg


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