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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 13, 1902 (Volume 13, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
Society work as organized at this school is a pleasant duty that lacks even the semblance of drudgery 17 Editorial /ni/1902/00000019.jpg
The wages paid to Iowa teachers is always a subject that arouses much interest 17 Editorial /ni/1902/00000019.jpg
The students of the Iowa State Normal School have been here a little over one week 17 Editorial /ni/1902/00000019.jpg
Board of Trustees meeting 18 News /ni/1902/00000020.jpg
Teachers Association 19 News /ni/1902/00000021.jpg
More about the student 20 Column /ni/1902/00000022.jpg
About the faculty 20 News /ni/1902/00000022.jpg
The library 21 News /ni/1902/00000023.jpg
Daisy Howe 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Chapel exercises 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
The friends of Vern Hemsworth 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Miss Julia Curtiss 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Lola Britton 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Paul Samson 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
W. C. Edson 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Miss Avice Dailey and Alice Wilson 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Hub Edmundson 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Messrs. C. A. and Robert Fullerton 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
The tennis courts 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Joe Clay 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Miss Margaret Baker 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Miss Ida Strawn 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Miss Oliver 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
The Board of Trustees 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
The many friends of Miss Ruth Paxton 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
The choir is again to be seen 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Helen Davidson 22 News /ni/1902/00000024.jpg
Athletic department 23 News /ni/1902/00000025.jpg
Raymond French 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
The new teacher of science 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Lulu Marsh 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
The serious illness 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Bertha Taylor 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
T. V. Bird 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Friends of Ella (Ford) Miller 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
1st Lieutenant Leslie Chapman 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
At Maquoketa, Iowa 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Beulah Burris 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Alberta Hoffman 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
Ida M. Strawn 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
After a year's successful work in a rural school 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
C. C. Magee 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
A marriage 24 News /ni/1902/00000026.jpg
M. L. Fuller 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
At Luverne, Iowa 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
Jennie Hallingby 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
Anna Yenney 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
Irma Threlkeld 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
George W. Schee 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg
Nellie Smith 25 News /ni/1902/00000027.jpg


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