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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 16, 1893 (Volume 3, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
Decentralization 10 Creative /ni/1893/00000010.jpg
The reception 10 News /ni/1893/00000010.jpg
Miss Winnifred E. Hazen 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Jennie E. Wier 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
R. M. Arey and W. W. Wilson 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Helen Poor 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Elma Raymond and S. M. Coddington 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Nellie McAlvin 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Minnie Speer 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Byrde Hill 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Rose J. Mintier 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Lizzie McElhiney 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Chas. Henry 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Emma Heverly 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Miss Florence Zerwekh 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
LeRoy Wescott 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
The Camanche public schools 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
O. H. L. Mason 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
R. A. Elwood 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
T. U. McManus 12 News /ni/1893/00000012.jpg
Y. M. C. A. 13 News /ni/1893/00000013.jpg
The "Fall Campaign" 13 News /ni/1893/00000013.jpg
Miss Margaret Staves 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Julia Hendrickson 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Misses Frank Stewart and Elsie Arnold 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Gregg McAlvin 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
After assisting her father 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Mary Scott 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Charles Henry 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Mr. John Cameron 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Vinnie Marsh 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
B. B. Welty 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Sue Graham 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Nellie Sadler 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Roy Wescott 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Margaret Staves 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
The enrollment 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Mr. F. G. Miller 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Mr. O. J. McManus 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Bertha Bishop 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Prof. Will Bartlett 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Rob. Fullerton 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
Miss Mollie Bartlett 14 News /ni/1893/00000014.jpg
The Shakespearean Circle 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
Prof. Loughridge 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
E. G. Dittmer 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
Carl Treimer 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
Geo. Merwin is still canvassing 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
The orations of the week 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg
The applause we heard 15 News /ni/1893/00000015.jpg


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