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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 16, 1899 (Volume 9, Number 1)

Headline Page Type
Katherine Kimball 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Mr. Babcock 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Mrs. Scofille 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
C. E. Steele 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Frank Foulke 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Mrs. Colegrove 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Professor Parish 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
New students 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Mrs. Hagerty 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
James Boyle's parents 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
The preparatory enrollment 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
There are still many vacant rooms on Normal Hill 12 News /ni/1899/00000010.jpg
Mrs. Loughridge 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Students enrolled from other states 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
One hundred and fifty high school graduates 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Two vacancies are left 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
May Canfield . . . . 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Nellie Smith . . . . 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
A number of students 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Training 13 Column /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Mr. Speer . . . . 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Physical culture classes were organized 13 News /ni/1899/00000011.jpg
Mr. F. W. Fenner 14 News /ni/1899/00000012.jpg
Shakespearean Society 15 News /ni/1899/00000013.jpg
Neotrophian Society 15 News /ni/1899/00000013.jpg
Y. M. C. A. 15 News /ni/1899/00000013.jpg
Y. W. C. A. 15 News /ni/1899/00000013.jpg
Alpha Hall 15 News /ni/1899/00000013.jpg
Exchange 17 News /ni/1899/00000015.jpg
Athletic 17 News /ni/1899/00000015.jpg
Bible Study Department 18 Feature /ni/1899/00000016.jpg
The Normal Eyte makes its bow 5 Editorial /ni/1899/00000003.jpg
The Board of Trustees 6 News /ni/1899/00000004.jpg
Messrs. McDuffie and Mullin 6 News /ni/1899/00000004.jpg
A new physical science laboratory 6 News /ni/1899/00000004.jpg
Professor A. C. Page 6 News /ni/1899/00000004.jpg
A large, happy, good-looking throng 6 Editorial /ni/1899/00000004.jpg
Miss Mary S. Morse 7 News /ni/1899/00000005.jpg
Miss Bertha Patt 7 News /ni/1899/00000005.jpg
It is greatly to be regretted 7 News /ni/1899/00000005.jpg
There will be much said, soon, regarding new State Normal Schools 7 News /ni/1899/00000005.jpg
Marion Seerley 7 News /ni/1899/00000005.jpg
Colegrove-Ridley 8 News /ni/1899/00000006.jpg
Walters-Griffith 8 News /ni/1899/00000006.jpg
About forty of our alumni attended our summer school 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg
A baby boy arrived 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg
L. H. Minkel 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg
S. S. Stockwell, '95, and W. H. Bridges 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg
Charles T. Ensign 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg
Ethel Waller 9 News /ni/1899/00000007.jpg


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