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Normal Eyte - Wednesday, September 16, 1908 (Volume 19, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
Untitled 17 Editorial /ni/1908/00000017.jpg
Untitled 17 News /ni/1908/00000017.jpg
Works of Dr. Meyerholz recently placed in library 18 News /ni/1908/00000018.jpg
Official 18 News /ni/1908/00000018.jpg
Lectures on social ethics 19 Column /ni/1908/00000019.jpg
Football; the effect of inter-society games upon intercollegiate contests 20 News /ni/1908/00000020.jpg
Athletics; football 22 News /ni/1908/00000022.jpg
Ode to football 23 Creative /ni/1908/00000023.jpg
Y. M. and Y. W. C. A.; the Geneva convention 23 News /ni/1908/00000023.jpg
Professional; elements of liberal education as found in travel 24 Column /ni/1908/00000024.jpg
Society 25 Column /ni/1908/00000025.jpg
Handsome medals given best history students 27 News /ni/1908/00000027.jpg
W. A. Bartlett 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
A missionary magazine 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
Julian Gist 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
Miss Irene Kirk 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
Mr. Ariel Parish 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
Miss Alle Robinson 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
John Fitzgerald 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
The former editor-in-chief 28 News /ni/1908/00000028.jpg
Helen Pillsbury 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Fannie Smith 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Alice Carpenter 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Miss Rose Iaggi 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Winifred Byrne 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Miss Blanche McIntosh 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Paul C. Colegrove 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Wissler 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Mark I. Roberts 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
Eva Cresswell 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
A. D. King 29 News /ni/1908/00000029.jpg
John Dee 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Among the honorary degrees 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
The president's new house 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Professor Robert Fullerton 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Mr. Fred Cram 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Old North Hall 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
The friends of Miss Edith Cole 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
A new department 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Bess Cox 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
While coming home from the sacred concert 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Mr. John Donahue 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Julia Piersol 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
John Sharpe 30 News /ni/1908/00000030.jpg
Arda Purdy 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg
George Harris and Harry McNally 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg
Loretta McInteer 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg
Harry F. Lambert 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg
Miss Julia Jennings 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg
Ruth Boyinston 31 News /ni/1908/00000031.jpg


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