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Normal Eyte - Saturday, September 17, 1904 (Volume 15, Number 2)

Headline Page Type
Department of Oratory; Prof. Eaman of Ann Arbor fills new chair 17 News /ni/1904/00000019.jpg
Up the R. R. track to Mullarkey's Bluffs 18 Photo /ni/1904/00000020.jpg
Our new Gymnasium; the pride of the Normal School nearly finished 19 News /ni/1904/00000021.jpg
Notes on Music 20 Column /ni/1904/00000022.jpg
That Normal Eyte box; it soliloquizes a bit 20 News /ni/1904/00000022.jpg
Training; the course of study--what it is 21 Column /ni/1904/00000023.jpg
Carrie A. Mudge 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Ruth Long 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Gertrude Ayers 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
J. I. Lynch 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Florence McNeal 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
The little two year old daughter 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Jennie McCall 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
J. E. Johnson 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
A. C. Joy 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Mary E. Bruce 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Josephine Barker 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
E. E. Strawn 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Prudence S. Jackson 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
M. Alice Fullerton 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Carrie Hays 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Palmine Arent 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Emma Ackerman 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
E. S. Smith 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Joseph Eaton 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Margaret Cunningham 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Vida Keene 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
Ellen M. Clark 23 News /ni/1904/00000025.jpg
A great sorrow rests upon the Wallbank home in Mt. Pleasant 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Charles Yeager 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
From the Cedar Falls Record of June 9th 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Cassius E. Tool 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Lydia Trimble 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Ella Lund 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
On July 5th occurred the marriage 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Lottie A. Hunter 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Alberta and Ella Hoffman 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
S. J Torney 24 News /ni/1904/00000026.jpg
Bible Study; Sunday, September 25, 1904--Edited by Ira S. Condit 25 News /ni/1904/00000027.jpg
Football gossip; thirty men out for practice 27 News /ni/1904/00000029.jpg
We are glad to welcome to our midst again. 27 News /ni/1904/00000029.jpg
Zeta 28 News /ni/1904/00000030.jpg
Aristo 28 News /ni/1904/00000030.jpg
Philo 28 News /ni/1904/00000030.jpg
Ossoli 28 News /ni/1904/00000030.jpg
Germania 29 News /ni/1904/00000031.jpg
Nellie King 29 News /ni/1904/00000031.jpg
Kathryn Hardy 29 News /ni/1904/00000031.jpg
Inez Palmer 29 News /ni/1904/00000031.jpg
Miss Myra Wait 29 News /ni/1904/00000031.jpg


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